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The revised Law on Tourism: Accommodation establishments are permitted register star rating voluntarily

Wednesday, 20/06/2018

The revised Tourism Law of 2017 that is valid from January 1st, 2018 will be the motivation for tourism development in the coming time with new points adjusting the conditions for the recognition of tourist areas and resorts; the process of recognition is in line with practicality ... to protect the interests of tourists.

Ngoc Ha 3 Hotel (Vinh Yen City) is preparing to inaugurate with the full preparation of conditions to voluntarily register the star rating.

With the recognition and evaluation of star rating for the hotel, the Tourism on Law in 2017 changed the granting of star voluntarily to regulate according to the market's mechanism.

Accordingly, in Article 50, Section 3 (Chapter V - Tourism Business) allows the organizations and individuals doing business in tourist accommodation services to voluntarily register the rating of tourist accommodation establishments with the quality of 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars, instead of compulsory as before. However, the registration is successful and approved or not is evaluated and recognized by the authorities.

For the star rating, the hotel will still base on the criterias such as location, architecture, facilities, services, managers and staffs, security, safety, environment protection and food hygiene and safety. The result of recognition and maintenance of the star rating will be valid for a period of 5 years.

According to the statistics from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, currently, there are 343 accommodation establishments in the province with about 5,600 rooms; in which, there are 2 5-star hotels, a 4-star hotel, a 3-star hotel, 32 2-star hotels and 23 1-star hotels, the rest is the business standard accommodations.

Mr. Do Hoang Duong, Head of the Tourism Management Division, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that the voluntary star rating will benefit the business, help businesses reduce the administrative procedures and active in the business. At the same time, creating more equal condition among the large, medium and small enterprises.

The star rating is the base and opportunity for the accommodation establishments to promote the image, prove the quality of customer service and assert its position in the tourism market. In fact, most of the hotels, which are not ranked the star rating, are often difficult to find the customers, so many hotels, which have been preparing to operate, themselves equip with the facilities, human resources, service style ... to meet with the star rating as registered.

Entering the tourist's psychology want to find the accommodation establishments were ranked the star rating to comfort and satisfy the demand for enjoyment, so many hotels renew themselves to attract guests.

Mrs. Trinh Thi Ha, Director of Than Ha Trading and Construction Co., Ltd (Phuc Yen) said that allowing hotels to voluntarily register for star rating created better conditions for businesses in the bussiness process.

To be certified the registration by the authorities, each establishment must strive for itself, invest and complete all conditions on the facilities and human resources to match with the star rating registered. Besides, the accommodation units voluntarily register the star rating registration help businesses actively promote, enhance the competitive value.

Since the beginning of the year, there are about 20 accommodation establishments voluntarily registering for star rating in the province. Through the evaluation of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, most of these establishments met requirements as registered. This is a good signal for businesses, is the opportunity for them to develop.

However, there are many concerns, the registration of voluntary star rating will occur the status not registering or advertising not true with the actual, causing difficulties for the reporting and statistics of the authorities.

To limit this situation, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism should strengthen the inspection and have penalty measures before looking at the serious voluntary attitude of the accommodation establishments.

In addition, the sector will strengthen the propaganda in various forms to raise the awareness of enterprises and have electronic information channels so that visitors can publicly assess the quality of the accommodation establishments. Thence, creating conditions for businesses to develop as well as protect the interests of tourists.

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