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Contributing to enhance Vinh Phuc tourism

Tuesday, 08/05/2018

In 2017, the number of visitors to Vinh Phuc was over 4.4 million, making an increase of 15% compared to the previous year. In which, there were 33,500 international visitors and over 4.3 million domestic visitors; the revenue from tourism reached VND 1,470 billion. This success has the important contribution of the tourism promotion, one of the key solutions implemented by the Department of culture, sports and tourism in recent years.

Tourists enjoy Flamingo Dai Lai Resort.

As the agency implementing the task of tourism promotion, the Center for Tourism Information and Promotion of the province organized and chaired the delegation of Vinh Phuc tourism enterprises to participate in many investment promotion seminars and conferences; fairs, tourism festivals in the country and abroad; participate in many programs to promote, introduce and connect the products in the localities in the Red River Delta and the Northern region ... to promote the image of Vinh Phuc tourism.

The Center also organized farmtrip programs to invite tourist agencies to research, survey, talk, build the tourism products of the province; coordinated with the provincial and Central press agencies to set up the special pages, categories and films to promote Vinh Phuc tourism. The Center published 5,000 publications and documents; provided more than 3,000 publications to promote Vinh Phuc tourism at the festivals, fairs, conferences and tourism events inside and outside the province.

In 2017, Vinh Phuc was chosen by the General Department of Tourism as the venue for the 46th ASEAN National Tourism Agency, attended by more than 100 delegates as the leaders and officials of the ASEAN National Tourism Agency, ASEAN Tourism Association and the domestic and international news agencies, the provincial tourism industry took advantage of this opportunity to carry out many tourism promotion activities, contributing to enhance Vinh Phuc tourism image, position.

The Center organized the contest " Beautiful pictures of Vinh Phuc Tourism 2018" to encourage and honor the creative, new, unique works in scenery, traditional culture, Vinh Phuc people; set up Vinh Phuc tourism image bank to serve the propaganda, promotion of Vinh Phuc tourism; contributed to introduce and promote the image of the country, people, culture, tourism, characteristics of Vinh Phuc to the domestic and international tourists.

In addition to the use of traditional promotional means, the provincial Center of Tourism Information and Promotion promoted the application of information technology to propagate and advertise the tourism on Vinh Phuc Tourism website in 2 languages: English-Vietnamese ​​with many articles, introduction, promotion of tourist destinations, typical cultural traditions, views and policies to attract investment in the tourism sector of the province, provided the information related to tourism activities; tourism companies and system of hotel, restaurants in the province ... creating favorable conditions for tourists in demand of researching and visiting in Vinh Phuc.

In 2017, Vinh Phuc Tourism website attracted nearly 3.5 million visitors and implemented the information exchange program among 10 provinces in the Red River Delta region, thereby, provided online information to 4,000 visitors and tourism agencies; promoted Vinh Phuc tourism on facebook social network at the website facebook.com/xtdlvp.

Vinh Phuc tourism strives to welcome 5.2 million visitors with the turnover of more than VND 1,690 billion in 2018. To achieve the above objective, the promotion of tourism continues to be identified as one of the key solutions.

Accordingly, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism actively coordinated with the related units to organize activities, events, programs to promote Vinh Phuc tourism; promoted the socialization and mobilized the enterprises' participation in the promotion and advertisement of tourism; published tourism materials and publications and supported enterprises to participate in information dissemination in tourist publications as well as the tourism websites of the province.

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