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Creating a breakthrough in the development of Vinh Phuc urban

Thursday, 19/04/2018

With the aim of speeding up the process of completing Vinh Phuc urban infrastructure in accordance with the criteria of type I urban, recently, the Department of Construction has advised the provincial People's Committee to promulgate the project of investment in building, completing the infrastructure of Vinh Phuc urban up to 2025, with the specific orientations, tasks and solutions. This is considered as an important step for urban development, bringing Vinh Phuc to become a central city as soon as possible.

The dynamic, modern Vinh Yen urban. Picture: Khanh Linh

Since the re-establishment of the province, Vinh Phuc has identified and persisted in implementing the socio-economic development strategy associated with the urban development. The provincial Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee have issued many guidelines and resolutions on urban development, development of common technical infrastructure and key programs and projects.

The province spent large resources for investing in the development of the socio-economic infrastructure. The infrastructure system of Vinh Phuc Urban has an important development step, contributing to speed up the province's economic growth; the socio-cultural fields have made the great progress; the defense and security are secured; the material, spirit lives of the people are improved.

Since 2011, the province has prioritized the budgetary resources and actively attracted the external resources for infrastructure investment of Vinh Phuc urban, gradually improved the appearance of urban and rural areas of the province spaciously, modernly, civilizedly.

The system of social infrastructure, public service works and housing increasingly meet the needs of people. The developed economic infrastructure with many industrial parks, tourist areas, services is built and put into operation.

The technical infrastructure, transport system of the urbans has been being invested; forming a continuous transport network between the national transport and the provincial transport, facilitating for the socio-economic exchange, including: the railway with a length of 35 km; road with the total length of nearly 700km (highways, national roads, provincial roads and urban roads). The clean water supply system; collection and treatment of waste water and waste; power supply; full and stable communication in the urban areas.

In 2011 - 2017, the province developed 21 housing projects, bringing the total number of these projects in the province to 62 ones; the scale and network of schools at all levels were strengthened and improved; medical facilities was invested with the rate of 29.3 beds per one hundred thousand inhabitants; 93% of communes, wards and towns had the cultural and sport centers to meet the people's demands.

Beside the achievements, over the time, the construction investment of Vinh Phuc urban infrastructure has still had some limitations. That is the investment in key projects about the infrastructure under the master plan of Vinh Phuc urban has not been synchronous, mainly focused on technical infrastructure, especially the transportation works; the investment projects in the construction of modern schools, hospitals, solid waste treatment plants, concentrated cemeteries have not been properly paid attention.

The quality of some works, especially some roads are rapidly deteriorating. The status of land violation, unauthorized, illegal construction, encroachment of transport corridors still occurs. Evaluating according to 5 criterias and 59 standards of type-I urban area, applying according to Resolution 1210 of the National Assembly Standing Committee on urban classification, Vinh Phuc new urban area reached to 54.7 out of 100 points.

The solutions proposed are: focusing on improving the efficiency of planning and plans for the construction of urban infrastructure; formulating the mechanisms and policies to promote the attraction of investment to create resources for socio-economic development; strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the state management apparatus for investment in the construction of urban works; improving the quality of investment capital sources, prioritizing the investment capital for key projects and enlivening in use of public investment capital; building the civilized urban lifestyle, well implementing the population development policy and attracting the high-quality human resources; building the clean and strong political system and well performing the advocacy activities to create a high consensus in the whole society.

With the suitable solutions and steps in line with the fierceness of the Party committees, authorities and the efforts of people, investment activities in the construction of Vinh Phuc urban infrastructure will have new and active move and gradually have the depth, soon complete the goal of building the civilized, modern and advanced Vinh Phuc urban in the North.

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