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Tam Dao aims to develop tourism as spearhead

Thursday, 05/04/2018

Over the last years, in order to develop tourism in line with the potentials of the province, the district has implemented many synchronous solutions, initially achieved positive results, strived to turn tourism into a spearhead economic sector of the district.

Mr. Ha Van Khanh, Chairman of the Management Board, Director of Tam Dao Herbal Co., Ltd introduces the method of cultivating cordyceps roberti

Tam Dao district has developed many strategic solutions to develop the tourism sector. The district has focused on fully exploiting the existing natural conditions, at the same time, attracting the investment projects in tourism with the capital up to trillions dong such as Tay Thien Festival Cultural Center, Tay Thien cable, golf course, Tam Dao resort and many restoration, embellishment projects of historical and cultural relics.

The restaurant and hotel system has been invested and upgraded to meet the needs of visitors. The district has promoted the construction of synchronous and modern socio-economic infrastructure, especially, concentrated on developing the infrastructure of tourist areas; exploited maximally the potentials of traffic to develop many types of services, created more jobs, improved the life of people.

Tam Dao has also accelerated the process of economic restructuring in the direction of taking the economic tourism as the spearhead, creating the favorable conditions for the development of services; intensified the popularization and promotion of tourism in various forms; connected with tours, key routes in and outside the province.

Focusing on the development of specific tourism products such as tourism with seminar, convalescence, ecology, entertainment ... linking with the cultural and historical exploration through monuments and traditional festivals ... Developing the ecological agriculture associated with tourism, especially, products with typical trademark such as cordyceps roberti Tam Dao, 7-leaf arch; fresh vegetable ...

Mr. Ha Van Khanh, Chairman of the Management Board, Director of Tam Dao Herbal Co., Ltd said that Tam Dao town was a place with cool weather conditions, suitable for cultivating cordyceps roberti at Tam Dao town. They were successful in cordyceps roberti at Tam Dao town. At present, the products of the company were highly appreciated by consumers.

To develop the tourism, in addition to exploit natural conditions, Tam Dao district will focus on developing agriculture in association with tourism, in addition to trees and animals with the high productivity and economic value, special agricultural products of Tam Dao, clean agricultural products for tourists.

Mr. Tran Quang Tha, Vice Chairman of Tam Dao town said that the weather there was cool with the high air humidity, sloping land, suitable for medicinal herbs. The People's Committee of Tam Dao town encouraged local people to restore traditional medicinal plants of Tam Dao as gifts for tourists such as: gynostemma pentaphyllum cucurbitaceae , Tam Dao ginseng ... Nowadays, visitors could buy these products in the shops selling agricultural products at the town.

Mr. Ta Quoc Vuong, Manager of Tam Dao medicinal herb Research Station of the Institute of Pharmacology - Ministry of Health said that the seven-leaf Gynostemma pentaphyllum Cucurbitaceae was a type of herb taking the leaf that had a bitter taste with the effect of reducing blood fat, preventing blood vessels, anti-oxidized cells, stabilizing the blood pressure, preventing cardiovascular complications ... Currently, this medicinal herb has been trusted by tourists.

Mrs. Le Thi Nguyet (Ha Noi) said that she had high blood pressure, although using many kinds of Gynostemma pentaphyllum Cucurbitaceae, when coming to resort at Tam Dao tourist area, she bought and used this product and felt better.

Thanks to the synchronous implementation of many solutions on developing tourism, in 2017, Tam Dao district welcomed nearly 1.7 million visitors; the total revenue reached nearly VND 135 billion. In which, Tam Dao town received over 300 thousand visitors including 135 thousand visitors stayed overnight, gaining the revenue at over VND 115 billion, equal to 100% compared to the same period in 2016; Tay Thien scenic area welcomed more than 1.3 million visitors reaching the turnover at nearly VND 20 billion, equal to 122% compared to in 2016.

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