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Ready for Tay Thien Festival

Wednesday, 28/02/2018

In this year, Tay Thien Festival will be held from March 31th to April 2nd, 2018 (fom February 15th to 17th according to the Lunar New Year). Up to this time, the preparation for the opening day has been completed.

On this year's festival season, the cable car system is added cabins to serve visitors.

Tay Thien Festival is organized to educate the dogma "When you drink water, remember the source" of Vietnamese people, contributing to preserve, inherite and promote cultural values ​​of the nation. At the same time, it's a chance to introduce to visitors about the history of Tay Thien scenic area.

To ensure a safe and thrifty festival, the People's Committee of Tam Dao district has been building and implementing the Plan No. 19 on organizing Tay Thien Festival in 2018 to committees, agencies, unions, political and social organizations in the district.

All preparations for offerings, facilities for processing and ensuring order security, food safety ... are assigned specific responsibilities to each member by the Organizing Committee.

In the early days of the spring, especially on Saturday and Sunday, the number of people to Tay Thien scenic area ​​increases dramatically, leading to the overload, the management has many difficulties. To overcome this situation, Lac Hong Investment Jsc has built up more facilities: The cabling system has more 10 cabins, bringing the total cabins to 60; raising the speed of the cable from 4m/s to 6m/s ... to meet the needs of visitors.

At the same time, the company strengthens the tram system from Tam Quan Gate to Thong Temple with a total of 50 vehicles. On peak days, the company adds manpower to guide visitors to travel conveniently; adds more stops, restaurants combining with the display, introducing the meaning and history of Tay Thien Festival.

Along with that, ensuring the order security, absolute safety for visitors and protecting monuments in the process of organizing the festival are put on the top. To prevent robbers pretending as visitors to steal, beg…, the public security of Tam Dao district directs teams to take initiative in implementing professional measures to attack, suppress and hunt criminals, ensure the order security before, during and after the festival.

Particularly, to ensure the traffic safety, the public security of Tam Dao district deploys guideline, traffic flow, traffic regulation, doesn't let to occur the situation of jams at the key transport routes, the areas where the festival is taken place.

The district police also coordinated with related agencies to locate parking lots for delegates and visitors to attend festivals and pilgrimages; intensify the inspection and examination of the fire and explosion prevention at the monuments and festive areas.

Besides the order security, the organizing committee pays special attention to ensure food safety and hygiene. The organizing committee of the festival signed the commitment to guarantee the food hygiene and safety with more than 40 establishments producing, trading and processing food at Tay Thien area; requires units to display goods neatly, not scramble guests; sets up inter-branch delegations to inspect, supervise and handle the food production, trading and processing establishments that fail to comply with food safety regulations; resolutely handles pork business cases in the festival area.

To ensure the environmental hygiene before, during and after the Festival, the Management Board of Tay Thien Scenic Area actively enhances human resource and means to well perform the garbage gathering and treatment to ensure the environmental hygiene; coordinates with Dai Dinh commune in managing and exploiting the use of waste incinerators efficiently.

The organizing committee of the Festival promotes the propaganda on loudspeaker system of Tay Thien scenic area about the ​​meaning and regulations on environmental protection. Since then, contributing to raise the awareness, responsibility of each citizen in environmental protection, put garbage at the right place, ensure the beauty; not throw the rubbish along the way up the temple, the empty land where visitors stop.

The daily garbage collection and transportation of Thuong Temple area, walking path, the festival center are in charge by more than 20 regular cleaning workers. At the same time, the festival's organizing committee signs commitments with business households in Tay Thien Scenic Area, households living on both sides of the road to preserve the landscape and environmental sanitation, not encroach the corridors, roadside the pavement to sell…

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