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Vinh Phuc – The paradise for tourists

Tuesday, 26/12/2017

Located near Hanoi capital with the provincial transportation system and convenient inter-provincial connectivity; the romantic natural scenery of many typical features, the facilities are more and more spacious, modern ... over the current time, Vinh Phuc has been on the way to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the North.

Flamingo Dai Lai in Ngoc Thanh commune (Phuc Yen town) is one of the attractive ecological tourist areas for tourists.

In the development strategy of Vinh Phuc tourism up to 2020, vision to 2030, the ecotourism and resort tourism associating with the entertainment along with the cultural, spiritual tourism and tourism services for seminars combining with sightseeing, learning experiences are identified as the 3 key pillars creating a driving force for the sustainable development of the province's tourism.

With the ecotourism and resort tourism based on the approved planning, over the time, the province has concentrated the budget capital to upgrade and develop the tourism infrastructure such as renovating and upgrading tourist routes, tourist areas, destinations' facilities; completing the system of traffic, electricity, water supply and drainage, infrastructure and urban space... enhancing the investment attraction and creating the most favorable conditions for investors in the process of the implementation of projects in general and tourism development projects in the province in particular. Up to now, the province has 17 tourism investment projects with a total registered capital of over VND 9,000 billion.

Many projects have really brought an impressive breakthrough, creating a brand for ecotourism and resort tourism of the province such as: Tam Dao tourist area, regarded as "Da Lat of the North" with the fresh, cool climate in the whole year, the poetic and majestic mountains, this is really the first choice of visitors when coming to Vinh Phuc. Flamingo Dai Lai, Ngoc Thanh commune (Phuc Yen) with a total registered capital of over VND 4,600 billion, phase 1 was put into operation, phase 2 is expected to be completed in 2021.

This is the first and only resort in Vietnam winning 34 international prizes from the prestigious competitions in architecture, real estate, relax, culture and arts; in the top of 10 most beautiful resorts in the world voted by Design Boom e-Magazine in 2014; 9 international real estate awards in the International Property Awards, the record of the resort with the largest art space by the lake in Vietnam.

It takes only 45 minutes from the center of Hanoi to Flamingo Dai Lai, tourists can enjoy a beautiful nature with the mild climate, fresh air, diverse ecosystem, charming landscape and luxury five star resort services; FLC Luxury Resot Vinh Phuc, Vinh Thinh Commune (Vinh Tuong), the first phase came into operation with the total investment capital of over VND 600 billion. FLC Luxury Resot Vinh Phuc - a harmonious combination of the modern architectural values ​​with the natural beauty, is a resort space bringing the endless inspiration after hours of stressful work. The system of synchronous utilities including restaurant, bar, swimming pool, golf course, ... ensures the perfect holiday for visitors.

The strong development of ecotourism, resort tourism over the last time has contributed to maintain tourist arrivals to Vinh Phuc with an average of 15-20% per a year and keep tourists to stay in the province longer, as a result, the tourism revenue also increased. In 2017, the whole province expected to receive over 4.2 million visitors, in which, 31,000 international visitors, up over 13% compared to thatb in 2016. The total tourism revenue was over VND 1.4 trillionup over 18% compared to in 2016.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Quang (Ha Noi) shared that whenever he had conditions, he brought his family to relax in the weekend in Vinh Phuc because the transportation was very convenient and there were many places to choose. If they like the cool weather, riding bycicle, climbing the mountain, they go to Tam Dao; if enjoying the romantic space, boating, sunbathing, they visit Dai Lai ... The resort facilities have modern style, natural and good quality.

In addition, Vinh Phuc has many beautiful landscapes such as: Tam Dao national park; Tay Thien tourist lanscape, along with the diversified system of cultural relics, beliefs, the intangible cultural values that create conditions for visitors to comfortably admire and discover.

In the coming time, in parallel with the overall development of 3 tourism pillars, bringing tourism to become the spearhead economic sector of the province, Vinh Phuc will continue to attract and mobilize investment projects on urban areas combining with ecotourism, resort-tourism, large-scale entertainment according to international standards such as: Vinh Thinh-An Tuong ecotourism urban area; Tam Dao II ecotourism; international raceway of Gomax I & D Group (South Korea) ... These projects will have a strong impact on the economic restructuring of the province in the direction of increasing the proportion of tourism and services to turn Vinh Phuc into one of the key provinces on tourism of the country, the paradise of ecotourism and resort tourism.

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