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Trade and tourism development in the potential area

Friday, 22/12/2017

In order to develop trade and tourism sector, Phuc Yen town has many solutions to mobilize resources for effective investment and exploitation such as building infrastructure systems for economic and urban development; establishing concentrated commercial centers in the center of the town; building markets in communes and wards; promoting the formation and development of integrated supermarket business; attracting many big investors, creating many types of tourist to attract visitors ...

Dai Lai tourist area in Phuc Yen town attracts many visitors.

In order to help the town become a center of trade - tourism, entertainment area of the province, Phuc Yen town has implemented the master plan for socio-economic development up to 2020, vision to 2030; the planning of 11 urban areas such as Dong Son urban area, Hung Vuong - Tien Chau urban area, Xuan Hoa new urban area; Hung Vuong international urban projects in Ngoc Thanh commune, Nhat Hang, Thanh Xuan, Pearl islands of Dai Lai tourism area have been completed and put into operation; invested in the construction of public lighting systems; Dai Lai - Lap Dinh road in Ngoc Thanh commune...

Phuc Yen town effectively exploited the potentials of historical-cultural relics and natural resources; concentrated on building high-quality tourist resorts in order to meet the requirements of tourist development in the international integration period such as linking Au Co tourist resort with Dai Lai tourist area into the tourist complex of Phuc Yen town; Dai Lai Resort is building an 18-hole golf yard; garden villas of Hung Vuong International Company; Pearl Island project, Thanh Xuan project, Nhat Hang project...

Phuc Yen town clearly identified the direction of trade - service - tourism development suitable with the tourism potentials of the locality such as ecotourism associated with the entertainment to meet the needs of tourists in four seasons of the year; exploited, developed cultural tourism, spiritual tourism.

By 2020, Phuc Yen town will strive: trade - services – tourism become a spearhead in the economy as well as a commercial, service and tourist center of the province. In 2030, trade, services and tourism will have the synchronous material facilities to serve the exploitation of the potentials of the town; build more high-quality resorts with international standards.

Phuc Yen town always considers tourism development to be along with preserving and promoting the historical values and cultural identity of the nation. In the past years, the preservation and promotion of cultural and historical values have been increasingly enhanced, contributing to promote cultural values of the nation.

At present, Phuc Yen has 26 classified relics, in which, there are 6 national historical, cultural relics and 7 provincial relics. Phuc Yen town also pays attention to developing appropriate services, focusing on the development of eco-tourism areas such as: building tourist routes, tourist spots of the town; combining ecotourism with spiritual tourism.

Dai Lai tourism area has attracted many big projects such as: Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Pradise Dai Lai Resort, Ngoc Island... These are the places that investors have built into world-class tourist resorts, in which, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort has become one of the 10 most attractive resorts on the planet. Until the end of September 2017, the total revenue of the town was estimated at VND 195 billion, making an increase of 1.02% compared to the same period of 2016.

At present, trading and service activities in Phuc Yen town are very active, concentrating along the streets of the center of the town, meeting the demand of people and visitors. Now, Phuc Yen town has 3 bank branches grade 1, 10 branches grade II and other credit institutions, 6 supermarkets and 2 big markets.

In addition, the town has hundreds of agents, distributors operating effectively in communes, wards. The total retail sales of goods and services at the end of September 2017 reached VND 3,000 billion, rising 7.91% compared to the same period;

Mr. Vu Duy Trinh, Director of Trang Dat Investment and Trading Services Join Stock Company said: "Everyday, our supermarket welcomes thousands of customers. To serve a large number of domestic and foreign customers, we signed contracts, ordered with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to have the best products for customers.

In the coming time, Phuc Yen town will continue to develop the infrastructure system to serve trade, service and tourism development in order to form the trade-service-tourist area in the town; build concentrated markets in communes and wards; promote the formation and development of integrated and specialized supermarket business; continue calling for more investors in Dai Lai tourism area; renovate infrastructure for tourism, especially hotels and restaurants; link with other provinces such as Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen and Hanoi to form interprovincial tours.

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