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Stimulating the tourism demand at the end of the year

Tuesday, 12/12/2017

At the end of the year, there are many long holidays and festivals, so this is the time for tourism agencies, restaurants, hotels and tourism areas to launch many promotional services to attract tourists.

Many tourism services are discounted to stimulate the tourism demand at the end of the year. Taken by Khanh Linh

Since its establishment (2009), Thanh Long International Travel Company has always tried to provide customers with the best quality tourism products at competitive prices so that visitors can choose programs suitable with their interests, time, purpose or those of businesses.

Mr. Ta Dinh Tung, Head of Sales Division of the company said that since the beginning of the year, the company had brought about 4,000 tourists to tourist areas in and outside the province. From now to the end of the year, the company launched out the program " Supper Sales - loudliest of the year" to stimulate customers to order tours with many key programs such as: Moc Chau cheap tour for students staying overnight at the floor; Thailand tour for retail customers, especially "Come to JEJU by JEJU AIR" is a direct flight tour without Visa and many other attractive gifts.

Besides, restaurants, hotels, tourist areas in the province also implemented many solutions to attract tourists at the end of the year. Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong, Head of Dai Lai Tourist Area Management Board (Phuc Yen Town) said that in the last months of the year, it was not the peak tourism season, so to attract tourists to Dai Lai, restaurants, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Pearl Island had plans to launch out promotion programs to stimulate in winter such as: Discounting tickets, reducing 30-40% of entertainment services; not only discounting tickets of the boat but tourists were also promoted to visit Dai Lai lake by boat. In addition, Dai Lai Tourist Area Management Board actively coordinated with the authorities to ensure and maintain well the security, order, food hygiene and safety, environmental sanitation, rescue.

Since the beginning of the year, the province has attracted over 4.2 million tourists, including 3,000 international visitors (up 12% compared to in 2016), more than 4 million domestic ones up 15%). Beside the achievements, the tourism industry of the province still has some limitations because tourism products have not many breakthroughs, have the overlaps between the tourism agencies, the tourism cooperation has not thoroughly exploited and promoted the tourism potentials of each tourist resort and area yet; the environmental pollution of tourism areas still exists and impacts negatively on tourism development in some localities; the tourism enterprises are limited in potential and scale, so the competitiveness is not high.

Mr. Do Hoang Duong, Head of Tourism Division, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that to attract the tourists in the last months of the year, the Tourism Division advised the leaders of the department to issue the guidelines, steer the organizations and individuals in business of services and selling goods at tourist areas and destinations to post up publicly the prices and sell them according to the posted prices, the tourism agencies to strictly implement the tourism program according to the signed contracts, ensure the quality of tourism.

At the same time, deploying the assurance and safety in tourism transportation activities on inland waterway means of transport; strengthening the management of food safety at tourist areas; the tourist sites and areas must publicly announce their telephone numbers and functional staffs that must be in charge 24 hours a day to receive and promptly respond to the tourists' feedback, requests and issues; continuing organizing training courses for tourism officials and employees working in tourism units, especially guiding the tourism agencies to build the attractive tourism programs, suitable for all objects, meeting the needs of tourism visiting at the end of the year.

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