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Linking for the development of tourism

Monday, 30/10/2017

Vinh Phuc is well-known because of the potentials and advantages for tourism development. However, in order to turn tourism into a key economic sector, many issues need to be resolved by all authorities, including linking for the tourism development.

Tam Dao tourist area attracts many tourists

Located in the Northern Delta, in the transition zone between the Red River delta and Northern mountainous provinces, the geographical location divides Vinh Phuc into three ecological zones: the delta, midland, mountainous area with many beautiful, attractive natural scenery such as Tam Dao, Tay Thien, Dam Vac, Dai Lai, Dam Rung ... Besides, Vinh Phuc has many cultural architecture, unique historical relics with high value such as: Tay Thien, the origin place of Vietnamese Buddhism; Dong Dau relic site (Yen Lac); Tran Nguyen Han Temple, Binh Son Tower (Lap Thach) ... In particular, Tay Thien scenic landscape and Binh Son Tower are recognized as the special national monuments having many spiritual values, unique architectural art. Besides, the diverse, abundant system of handicraft villages is distributed in many localities in the province such as carpentry, pottery, stone work, snake feeding, bamboo rattan ... and the invested traffic network have facilitated the development of tourism in Vinh Phuc.

Tourism is considered as a comprehensive economic sector, linking sectors, regions, so that the province has directed authorities to deploy cooperation, linking programs of tourism development with many provinces, cities throughout the country such as: Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Tuyen Quang, Bac Kan, Ha Giang and some northeastern provinces, creating many attractive tourism link routes such as Tam Dao - Nui Coc Lake (Thai Nguyen); the ecotourism, cultural and historical tourism chains including Tam Coc, Bich Dong - Cuc Phuong - Ha Noi - Ba Vi - Hung Temple - Dai Lai - Tam Dao - Nui Coc Lake - Viet Bac ATK war zone - Ba Be Lake; Tam Dao - Son Duong - Tan Trao war zone (Tuyen Quang) ... contributing to exploit potentials and strengths of each locality, creating a motive force for tourism development in the province and region.

However, according to the assessment of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, over the time, the joint, development of tourism among the province and other localities were still fragmented, lack of professionalism, spontaneous and brought the localism. Therefore, many tourism products were duplicated, didn't promote specific strengths of tourism products of the region. The orientation, implementation clue, linkage in planning were lack of overall. Tourism promotion activities were individual, didn't have the same theme, subject, uniform image leading to less effective; many association activities were still formal, just linking in organizing the events, not really linking to develop together ...

It can be said that, in the integration trend of world tourism, now, strengthening the linkable among countries, regions and localities is an important solution for the tourism development. In the coming time, to improve the effectiveness of tourism development cooperation, according to Mr. Do Hoang Duong, Head of the Tourism Division (the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism), the localities in the linkage regions as well as signed cooperation agreements, needed to increase the information exchange, share difficulties, cooperate to build tourism products carrying bothlocal and regional charateristics; focused on linking, investing in tourist infrastructures such as transportation, accommodation establishments, entertainment and recreation spots, especially the inter-provincial transportation infrastructures and the routes connecting the provincial tourist areas and resorts in each locality; well inplemented the tourism promotion, events in each province might have the content introducing and promoting tourism to other provinces and vice versa; enhanced the linkage and professional training for tourism laborers, including: State management officials in tourism, laborers working in tourism enterprises and laborers in tourist areas; focused on the development of high-quality and branded tourism products and researched to build tourist routes and areas in each locality, creating the hightlight to improve the linkage effectiveness among localities.

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