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Build the professional team of tour guides

Thursday, 14/09/2017

Tour guides and tour presenters are the people not only introducing and promoting images, history, culture but also being the important factor to awake potentials and tourism development of the province. However, the number of tour guides and presenters operating in the province is still low; the development of this team has still faced many difficulities.

Vinh Phuc is considered as a potential province for the development of tourism sector, but the potentials’ exploitation has not been adequately invested, especially training tour guides and presenters at travel areas and relics.

Mr. Do Hoang Duong, Head of tourism division, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, "At present, there are more than 1,000 historical-cultural relics in the province, hundreds of which are ranked national and provincial levels; many festivals and traditional villages, more than 300 accommodation establishments and 11 travel businesses (in which, 4 units have international travel business license, 7 units have domestic travel business license. ) with a total of more than 5,200 employees.”

Every year, the province attracts more than 3.5 million tourists. However, the number of guides and tourist presenters operating in the province are very low. By the end of 2016/12/30, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has issued cards to 80 tour guides, but only about 20 tour guides working at traveling companies in the province, most of them are working outside the province. Moreover, qualifications and skills of the tour guide team are limited, the knowledges of the history and culture of the local is not very deep.

According to reporters, at present, most of tourist areas and historical relics of the province, including the two national relics have not professional guides and presenters. Mr. Le Cong Truu, Deputy Director of Lac Hong Tay Thien Joint Stock Company, said, “In recent years, by investing in facilities, the quality of services, the number of visitors to Tay Thien area has been increasingly growing.

To meet the needs of tourists, the company has sent 7 staffs to train their skills, learn history, culture of tourist areas and relics of the province to become the amateur tour guides, in which, 2 people can speak English and one can speak Korean."

It can not be denied that tour guides play an important role in awakening the province's tourism potential to become a key economic sector in 2020 under the spirit of Resolution No. 01 of the provincial Party Committee on development of services and tourism for the period of 2011-2020; however, currently, the number of tour guides in the province is quite small who have weak professional skills.

Since 2013, yearly, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism organizes a professional training course for tour guides and presenters but with small group of people.

In order to develop and build a team of professional tour guides, in the coming time, besides investing in infrastructure, developing tourism to attract foreign tourists, the province should have specific financial mechanism and policy to assist directly tour guides so that they can participate in international standardized training courses, contributing to help tourism industry become the spearhead economic sector of the locality.

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