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Thursday, 10/08/2017

Decree No. 07/2017/ ND-CP of the Government dated on 2/1/2017 allows the foreigners from 40 countries to be piloted to implement the exit, entry procedures by Electronic Visa to Vietnam. This is a good signal and an important step to attract more and more international tourists to Vietnam in general and Vinh Phuc in particular.

Citizens registering for the entry and exit procedures at the Immigration Office (the provincial Department of Public Security) are always created favorable conditions to shorten time for procedures.

The Government has piloted the issuance of electronic visas to foreigners who enter to Vietnam for a period time of 30 days since 2/1/2017, for the purpose of tourism development, this is considered as a very large reform of e-government. Previously, when foreign tourists to Vietnam have to complete many administrative procedures such as the guarantee invitation of enterprises in Vietnam and must submit administrative procedures with high costs. However, when making this electronic visa, visitors only need to do procedures on the computer, the time is reduced up to 3 days with the cost of USD 25. From the date of receipt of sufficient information for electronic visas and visa fees, the Immigration Department shall consider, resolve and respond to the visa applicant on the electronic visa page.

At the Immigration Office (the provincial Department of Public Security), to facilitate people to solve their affairs, the leaders of the Office always arrange officials to serve foreigners who need to carry out the entry, exit procedures by E-Visa into Vietnam quickly, accurately.

To actively deploy the good implementation of visa issuance for foreigners entering Vietnam, the Immigration Office opened training courses for its staffs, especially who are directly involved in handling administrative procedures. Mr. Tran Anh Duc, Head of the Immigration Office said that since the beginning of the year, the Office had received 127 visa applications for foreigners. Through the process of implementation, due to the new process, the first step still had a lot of confusion, but with the determination and efforts of the staffs, the completion of procedures of issuance of electronic visas for those in need ensured the legal, duty processes.

It is known that in the first 6 months of 2017, the whole province received over 2.2 million visitors, making an increase of 13% compared to the same period in 2016, in which, there were nearly 16,000 international visitors. The revenue from the accommodation, food and tourism services in the first 6 months was estimated at VND 1.67 trillion, up 8.7% compared to the same period. Currently, many travel agents in the province highly appreciate the effectiveness of this policy for the growth of the tourism industry.

Mr. Le Thi Minh Hue, Director of Au Viet Trading and Tourism Joint Stock Company said, “Many international tourists to Vietnam worry about administrative procedures. If we carry out e-visas, I think that this will be a big hit, contributing to attract the international visitors in the coming years. Since the decree’s application, my company has issued many visa for applicants; in the coming time, when they come to Vietnam, my agent will focus on improving tour products, lowering the cost to serve the tourists, leaving a good impression in their hearts.”

Living and working in Vinh Phuc in nearly 10 years, Mr. Lee Jun Hyub from South Korea - Director of FNC Co., Ltd, (Dong Tam ward, Vinh Yen city) usually implements the visa procedures for his relatives and friends that took a lot of time to complete procedures for his family members and friends to visit to Vietnam. Knowing new regulations on simplifying the administrative procedures for foreigners traveling to Vietnam by issuing electronic visas, Mr. Lee Jun Hyub said that in the last year, his relatives and friends traveled to Vietnam for many times but it took a lot of time to get a visa. However, since the application of e-visa, he was very happy because now not only his relatives and friends but also other foreigners do not have to wait for a long time to get a visa to Vietnam. That was one of favorable conditions for them to learn the culture and living habits of Vietnamese in general and Vinh Phuc in particular.

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