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Creating the highlight to promote the development of tourism and services

Monday, 31/07/2017

After 5 years implementing Resolution No.01 of the Provincial Party Committee on the development of services, tourism, Vinh Phuc has been step by step perfecting the infrastructure, creating the highlight to promote the development of tourism, services of the province.

Tam Dao tourist area with the poetic, majestic beauty attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

In the past years, by deploying the measures to promote the socio-economic development and improve people's living, the province has paid attention to invest in upgrading and developing the tourism infrastructure, turning Vinh Phuc into one of the service and tourism centers of the region and country. However, the tourism development has not commensurated with the potentials and advantages of the province; travel products are monotonous, lack of appeal; have not created the linkages with other provinces, regions, regions and internation yet. The promotion, joint venture, linking, introduction and attraction of the investment in service development have been limited and ineffective ...

To well exploit the tourism potentials of the province, implement the Resolution 01 of the provincial Party Committee on developing services and tourism in the period 2011-2020, the Party committees, government and mass organizations held, built, and issued the guidelines. Especially, in five years, the province has issued 21 policies, mechanisms, schemes of the sectors to promote the development of services, tourism; completed and approved 58 master plans; developed 194 blueprints, including many major projects such as the provincial planning, general planning of Vinh Phuc urban, zoning planning according to the general planning of Vinh Phuc urban, zoning planning of the functional areas of economic corridor, general planning of functional areas on tourism services (North Ngoc Thanh, Lang Ha Lake, Van Truc lake, Bo Lac lake), planning of Tam Dao I tourist area .. being the basis for attracting the investment resources in socio-economic development in general and tourism in particular.

To create a breakthrough, develop tourism into a spearhead economic sector of the province, in the last five years, the provincial People's Committee has allocated 21 key projects in seven fields, with a total capital of nearly VND 5,000 trillion; deployed 5 key projects in the form of BOT, BTO, BT and attracted many businesses to invest in the field of tourism with many tourist resorts, eco-tourism, spiritual tourism, positioning on the tourist map of Vietnam with the tourist destinations such as: Tam Dao, Tay Thien, Dai Lai, Red River Capital Resort, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, FLC Vinh Thinh Resort. Especially, in the near future, the operation of Tam Dao 2 area will make Vinh Phuc an attractive destination. Along with that, many cultural and tourist works of the province such as Tay Thien tourist area, the Temple of Literature, the provincial Theater; Park Square; Flamingo Dai Lai Resort have been successfully invested, contributing to improve the spiritual and cultual life of people and attract millions of visitors outside the province to Vinh Phuc.

Along with that, the system of accommodation and tourist services has also been step by step invested and upgraded both in quantity and quality. In particular, the transportation system to the tourist areas in the province is synchronously invested, basically completed and connected, creating the attractive tourist routes and tours.

Besides having the attention, right investment and propaganda, promotion are regularly maintained in the media mass and through the various activities, contributing to enhance the image of Vinh Phuc in general and Vinh Phuc tourism in particular to the domestic and international friends. Thereby, creating the position and strength for the province's tourism to develop firmly in the new period, step by step turning Vinh Phuc into an attractive destination in the tourist map. Five years ago (2011), the whole province welcomed less than 2 million visitors, including nearly 25,000 international visitors; the turnover was nearly VND 740 billion; in 2016, the province welcomed over 3.8 million visitors, making an average annual increase of 15%, in which, there were more than 37,000 international visitors; and the revenue was more than VND 1,200 billion ... increasing the budget revenue, extending the exchange as well as contributibg to improve the living standards of local people in the tourist areas.

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