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Urban planning creates the premise for the socio - economic development

Tuesday, 11/07/2017

With the viewpoint “Planning must go one step ahead”, over the last years, Vinh Phuc province has always paid attention to the resources for investment, planning and management of urban infrastructure to meet the development demands, create a solid foundation for the province to become a city of the Central in the 2020s.

By well implementing the work of planning, Vinh Yen city is more and more spacious, modern, civilized.

Identifying the importance of urban planning in the socio - economic development, since 2011, the provincial People's Council has issued 3 resolutions, the provincial People's Committee has issued 4 decisions on the management and implementation of urban planning in the province. Especially, after the project of master planning of Vinh Phuc urban construction up to 2030, the vision to 2050 was approved by the Prime Minister, the provincial People's Committee promulgated the regulation on managing the master plan of Vinh Phuc urban construction, general planning of urban; organized conferences to publicize the planning schemes; deployed the implementation of the zoning planning, detailed planning; invested in the construction of technical infrastructure and the management of construction investment under the planning; mobilized resources to implement the projects of Vinh Phuc urban framework infrastructure .

Up to now, the entire administrative boundaries of the province have been planned for regional construction, master urban planning and construction planning of new rural commune as the basis for urban management by planning. The implementation of urban planning ensures the synchronism and inheritance among the urban planning, socio-economic master planning and development planning of sectors and fields. All urban planning projects are planned, appraised and submitted for approval in accordance with the process and regulations of the law; the process of implementation has been consulted by the organizations, individuals and communities.

The urban planning management is always concerned and steered to ensure the compliance under the direction of the planning blueprints and contents of the approved urban plan planning. The promulgation and decentralization of the regulations on urban planning management in the province are effectively managed, ensuring the close coordination and avoiding the duplication between the provincial and district authorities. In the period from 2011 to 2016, the province approved 873 sites with a total area of ​​9,264 hectares, 381 tasks and 375 construction planning blueprints. For the management of urban planning at all levels, agencies and the people's committees of the districts approved 177 project sites, 137 tasks and 265 construction planning schemes; granted the planning certificates for 256 projects, granted the construction permits for 416 projects, agreement of total premise planning and architectural plans for 147 projects.

According to Mr. Pham Hoang Anh, Director of the Construction Department, over the last time, the urban planning in the province had many positive changes, was paid attention to and implemented by the authorities and localities. The urban planning projects have demonstrated the innovative thinking and long-term vision. The overall planning coverage ratio of urban areas in the province and the coverage ratio of the zoning planning in the urban areas of ​​Vinh Phuc urban area reached to 100%; the coverage ratio of zoning planning in the urban areas outside the scope of master planning of Vinh Phuc urban construction reached to about 30-50%, especially for two urban areas: Hop Hoa (Tam Duong), Hop Chau ( Tam Dao) had a coverage ratio of zoning planning of 100%. The urban appearance of Vinh Phuc has been increasingly changing in the direction of civilization, modern. In most urban areas, the infrastructures have been gradually built and have contributed to the socio-economic development of the province.

It can be said that the synchronous implementation of urban planning has created a premise for the province to promote the investment attraction. Up to now, Vinh Phuc has 19 industrial parks approved by the Prime Minister, 11 of which are operating and one was handed over the ground to investors to build infrastructures. Currently, the province has attracted more than 900 projects, in which 659 DDI projects with a total investment capital of VND 67.38 trillion and 245 FDI projects with a total investment capital of USD 3.66 billion. Many implemented projects have produced key industrial products of the province, created jobs for tens of thousands of workers, increased the budget revenues, export turnover, contributing positively to the socio-economic development of the province.

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