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Monday, 03/07/2017

Golf is a high-ranking sport, because it limits the number of player. In recent years, this kind of sport has been developing strongly in our country. In Vinh Phuc, a well-established golf course system has contributed to the development of tourism and increased budget revenues for the province.

Tam Dao golf course attracts many foreign and domestic visitors.

At present, there are four golf courses in the province, including Tam Dao golf course, Dai Lai golf course, Flamingo Dai Lai golf course, Dam Vac golf yard; in which, only Flamingo Dai Lai course has 9 holes, the others have 18 holes under international standards. These courses always attract many vistors who like this "noble" sport.

Tam Dao golf course having operated since 2007 is located at the foot of Tam Dao mountain. Mr. Dang Ngoc Minh, Head of the Administration Division of Tam Dao Investment Joint Stock Company, said: "Tam Dao golf course attracts many golfers, 30% of them are foreign, mainly from South Korea and Japan. Locating at the nice place, near Tam Dao mountain, Xa Huong Lake and having a fresh climate, Tam Dao Golf course has become an attractive tourist destination. In summer, the course is overloaded with about 190 people per day. "

In order to develop the golf sport in association with tourism development, Tam Dao Investment Joint Stock Company has renovated the landscape, created the standard grass of the international golf yard, invested in lighting system for 18 golf holes, planted 1,000 trees around the yard. The company also invested in swimming pools, rest rooms; renovated the restaurant system with the capacity of 200 people. In the future, the company will expand more nine holes at Xa Huong Lake; open reasonable roads for other services such as sighseeing, wedding photography, souvenir photos, small events and etc... to attract more and more visitors.

Every year, Tam Dao golf course contributes more than VND 10 billion to the state budget. Flamingo Dai Lai golf course of Hong Hac Dai Lai joint stock company is located in the 5 star resort under the international standards, Top 10 of the most beautiful resorts in the world (this resort was designed under Australian style in over 3ha). The unique characteristics of this golf course is that it is surrounded by 5 million square meters of water and millions of square meters of pine forest, making its difference from other golf courses. In particular, the golf course also attracts thousands of domestic and foreign visitors using a wide range of utility services such as the Flamingo luxury resort; Luxury restaurant system in Asian and European style; diverse event spaces and workshops; the largest outdoor four-season swimming pool in the North and water sports ...

To develop the golf sport in the connection with the tourism sector, Hong Hac Dai Lai Joint Stock Company skillfully combines golf course system and resort services. There, golfers and visitors have opportunity to enjoy the landscape and utility services. Mr. Nguyen Van Binh (Hanoi) said: "I am very passionate about the sport of golf and often play on every Saturday and Sunday. Golf is a sport that has plenty time to relax after stressful working hours.Vinh Phuc has many golf courses, each of them is a small tourism tour with many different characteristics...".

Mr. Do Hoang Duong, Head of the Tourism Division, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said: "Vinh Phuc province allows the expansion and upgrading of golf courses to furthe develop tourism. However, not many golf courses in the province combine golf with tourism because of the strict space and requirements of the sport. In order to implement this plan, golf courses need to have accompanied services... to attract more visitors.”

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