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More than 60,000 visitors to Tay Thien in 3 days of the festival

Wednesday, 19/04/2017

According to the Report of the Management Board of Tay Thien scenic area, during 3 days of Tay Thien Festival (from March, 12th - 14th, March, ,2017, February 15th -17th in Lunar Calendar), there were over 60,000 domestic and international visitors to the scenery, worship the buddhist, making an increase of about 10% compared to the previous festival.

In order to have a solemn, traditional festival, and attract a large number of tourists, Tam Dao district concentrated on directing functional agencies to strengthen the security and order; planning car parking and service area to facilitate people to visit and shopping; organizing many activities of culture, arts and sports such as: making Chung cake, Gio cake, thick rice cake; cooking rice; Hoa Dang night; traditional wrestling; Spring Newspaper Festival; Youth Camp; Men's volleyball, women's volleyball, etc., thereby, contributing to the preservation of traditional cultural values ​​and promoting the tourism development in the area.

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