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Tam Dao starts the tourism season
Friday, 11/05/2018   in Travel channel

In the first quarter of 2018, visitors to Tam Dao were over 64 thousand people, up 7.3% over the last same period, in which, nearly 23 thousand people stayed overnight; the revenue was estimated at VND 20 billion. Tam Dao tourist area is continuing to promote the development of diversified tourism services and satisfy visitors.

Contributing to enhance Vinh Phuc tourism
Tuesday, 08/05/2018  in Travel channel

In 2017, the number of visitors to Vinh Phuc was over 4.4 million, making an increase of 15% compared to the previous year. In which, there were 33,500 international visitors and over 4.3 million domestic visitors; the revenue from tourism reached VND 1,470 billion. This success has the important contribution of the tourism promotion, one of the key solutions implemented by the Department of culture, sports and tourism in recent years.

On the holiday 30-4: The great demand, high tour prices

The holiday of 30/4 and 1/5 in this year will last many days, so the tourist agents and tourism service bussinesses in the province have been actively planning, arranging human resource to be ready to serve the tourist demands.

Creating a breakthrough in the development of Vinh Phuc urban

With the aim of speeding up the process of completing Vinh Phuc urban infrastructure in accordance with the criteria of type I urban, recently, the Department of Construction has advised the provincial People's Committee to promulgate the project of investment in building, completing the infrastructure of Vinh Phuc urban up to 2025, with the specific orientations, tasks and solutions. This is considered as an important step for urban development, bringing Vinh Phuc to become a central city as soon as possible.

Tam Dao aims to develop tourism as spearhead
Thursday, 05/04/2018  in Travel channel

Over the last years, in order to develop tourism in line with the potentials of the province, the district has implemented many synchronous solutions, initially achieved positive results, strived to turn tourism into a spearhead economic sector of the district.

Solving human resource problem for the tourism industry

With many potentialities and advantages to develop tourism, together with favorable mechanisms and policies on attracting investment in this field, at present, the training and improvement of the labor quality have been considered as one of the important solutions.

Ready for Tay Thien Festival
Wednesday, 28/02/2018  in Travel channel

In this year, Tay Thien Festival will be held from March 31th to April 2nd, 2018 (fom February 15th to 17th according to the Lunar New Year). Up to this time, the preparation for the opening day has been completed.

In 2017, Vinh Phuc welcomed about 4.5 million visitors, in which, more than 30 thousand international visitors, making an increase of 12% compared to that in 2016; over 4 million domestic passengers, up 15% compared to 2016. The total revenue was estimated at nearly VND 2 trillion, up 14% compared to 2016, the occupancy rate was estimated at 46%.

Vinh Phuc – The paradise for tourists
Tuesday, 26/12/2017  in Travel channel

Located near Hanoi capital with the provincial transportation system and convenient inter-provincial connectivity; the romantic natural scenery of many typical features, the facilities are more and more spacious, modern ... over the current time, Vinh Phuc has been on the way to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the North.

Trade and tourism development in the potential area

In order to develop trade and tourism sector, Phuc Yen town has many solutions to mobilize resources for effective investment and exploitation such as building infrastructure systems for economic and urban development; establishing concentrated commercial centers in the center of the town;