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Dialogue on policies and administrative procedures in tax in 2013

Monday, 20/01/2014

On November 28, 2013, Vinh Phuc Department of Taxation held the conference of dialogue on policies and administrative procedures in tax in 2013 with representatives of more than 700 enterprises managed by the Department of Taxation. Mr. Doan Tien An, Provincial Commissioner, Director General of the Department of Taxation hosted the conference.

Continuing removing difficulties to help enterprises maintain business, the Congress and the Government have launched solutions, including implementation of the tariff reduction when committing to take part in the international treaty and promoting the implementation of the strategy of public administration reform - The Tax Administration Modernization Project from 2010 to 2020. The Ministry of Finance has issued circulars and Guidelines; Taxation Process was revised, many tax administration applications were upgraded, suitable with the actual situation. To enterprises to access and understand fully and clearly, the the Department of Taxation held training new tax policy, online tax declaration software, electronic signatures and dialogue with enterprises, businessman solve with problems of tax declaration, tax payment, the tax policies. This is the second conference in 2013.

After hearing reports of the new tax policies issued, applied in 2013 and declaration guidelines, online tax payment, the leaders of the Department of Taxation, of the divisions of the Department of taxation directly answered the questions and responded the problems arising in the process of enterprises and businessman approaching to new tax policies and administrative procedures.

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