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May Day 2018: Many practical activities for the laborers

Tuesday, 17/04/2018

On the occasion of the 132nd anniversary of the International Workers' Day (5/1/1886-5/1/2018), the Standing Board of Provincial Labor Confederation set up a plan to organize the Workers' Month to direct units and agencies to organize many practical, effective activities, suitable to each agency and unit towards to the employees. Especially, organizing the Workers' Month 2018 associated with the activities welcoming the 14th Congress of Vinh Phuc Province's Trade Union, the 12th Vietnam Trade Union Congress.

In this month, Workers' Month has the theme "Each grassroot trade union - A benefit for the union member". Under the theme, each grassroot trade union actively selects the partners to implement the welfare program; at the same time, recommends the employers to organize at least an activity or a model of taking care of interests (material, spiritual, health, study ...) for the union members and laborers.

The provincial Labor Federation directs the Trade Union of Industrial Parks to be the launching point for Workers' Month 2018 (scheduled for April 22nd, 2018 at the provincial square); other units organize Labor Day and Workers' Month 2018 depending on the actual situation of the localities, units.

Organizing the activities for employees to have "Guaranteed benefit, better welfare"; Coordinating with the health sector to implement the health care (health examination, consultation ...) for trade union members and workers

Mobilizing the social resources to organize the gift giving to the trade union members, workers in difficulties, labor accidents; Cooperating with the employers to implement activities to bring the mental benefits to the trade unionists and laborers such as organizing the legal consultancy festival or legal playgrounds in the form of theater; mobilizing the contributions to the fund to support the workers to study and awarding the scholarships to support the workers who have been studying and improving their qualifications; having the suitable forms to lend the workers to develop their jobs.

Organizing the forum "Listening workers - Speaking workers", the levels of trade union proposed, combined to organize the activities to meet and exchange between the leaders of the Party committees, authorities with the workers to catch up and solve timely the issues of staffs, monitor the results of implementation of meeting, exchange contents.

Organizing the propaganda and education activities; encouraging the employees to properly perform the responsibilities of the employees in accordance with the law; promoting the responsibility of trade unionists in contributing ideas to improve the draft documents of the 12th Congress of Vietnam Trade Union; organizing the program "Proud of Vietnam intellect"; activity "Thank you members"; diversifying the forms of propagation, attaching importance to the use of propagation, visualization; implementing the effective coordination of the mass media, especially the union press system, websites, fanpages, facebook of the trade unions at all levels in informating, communicating the activities of Workers' Month 2018.

Opening categories, posting the information reflecting the performance result of Workers' Month and activities responding to the month of occupational safety and health in 2018; praising good examples, popularizing and multiplying good practices, effective models, advanced examples in the movement on the website, Vinh Phuc trade union newsletter.

The organization of the Workers' Month 2018 contributes to affirm the position and role of trade union organizations, attracts a large number of laborers to join in the trade union.

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