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Implementing the plan for intellectual property in 2018

Monday, 09/04/2018

Based on the Decision No.1062 of the Prime Minister and Plan No.5740 of the provincial People's Committee on approving the Program of developing Intellectual Property in the period of 2016-2020, the Department of Science and Technology prepared a plan for intellectual property development in the period of 2016-2020 in line with the socio-economic development orientation and the actual situation of the province, ensuring the efficiency, correct purpose and requirements.

Accordingly, the contents include: Propagate on the mass media; training on the registration of trademarks, patents and industrial property for enterprises in the province; training on: intellectual property management in enterprises, trademark registration for typical products of craft villages, localities for business households, cooperatives and handicraft villages, the protection of intellectual property rights to local specialties for business households, cooperatives and craft villages; assist the establishment of intellectual property rights, build and register collective trademarks and trademarks for 10 characteristic and key products of each locality. Besides, support the management and development of intellectual property for local characteristic products with the protected region, geographical indication, certificated trade marks, collective trademarks, as expected, there will be two labels.

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