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Chairman Nguyen Van Tri inspects the production at the beginning of the year

Wednesday, 07/03/2018

On 2018/3/2, Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary, Chairman of Vinh Phuc, visited and checked the production situation at some enterprises in the province. Attending the inspection, there were representatives of related departments and agencies.

Chairman Nguyen Van Tri inspects the production - business situation and encourages laborers working at VPIC1, Khai Quang industrial park, Vinh Yen city.

Visiting, checking the production - business situation and wishing a happy new year to officials and workers of VPIC1, Chairman Nguyen Van Tri expressed his joy when witnessing the system of modern machinery, equipment and the enthusiastic working atmosphere of all officers, workers and employees from the first days of the New Year.

According to the report of the company, after the holiday, 99% of its employees returned working with the attendance rate of 96% ... Recognizing, praising VPIC1 for its strong investment, modern technology application in the effective production, business, contributing to develop Vinh Phuc in the recent years, Mr. Tri desired VPIC1 to further invest, complete synchronously production lines, workshops, expanding the markets, stabilizing the life and raising income for laborers. He also hoped that the company would finish and exceed the production plan in 2018.

Welcoming the Chairman, the representative of Prime Group Jsc said that in 2017, Prime Group was one of 44 enterprises honored as "Enterprise for Workers" ...

Recognizing and appreciating the achievements of the company in the last years, the Chairman proposed that in 2018, Prime Group would further expand its production and achieve breakthroughs. Along with that, the company needs to improve the technical process and technology lines to improve the productivity, protect the environment; continue to care for and ensure legitimate interests of laborers; actively organize social activities ...

Reporting the Chairman, the representative of FU CHUAN Co., Ltd said that to the end of 2017, Binh Xuyen II industrial park attracted 20 investors. At present, the number of employees in the industrial park is over 5 thousand people, gaining the average income of VND 8.6 million per month. After the Lunar New Year, most of companies started the operation.

Chairman Nguyen Van Tri required the Management Board of Binh Xuyen II industrial park to further urge enterprises in the industrial park to operate soon in order to stabilize the lives for labourers. Besides, when calling for investment, the supportive industry should be prioritized.

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