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Strengthening the cooperation between Vinh Phuc and Akita Prefecture - Japan

Wednesday, 19/07/2017

In the morning of July 14th, 2017, Mr. Le Duy Thanh, member of the Provincial Party Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee received and worked with the officer and business delegation of Akita Prefecture - Japan, led by Mr. Hidefumi Nakashima, Vice-Governor of Akita, visiting, exploring the investment cooperation environment in recycling the agricultural waste and biomass power generation project in Vinh Phuc. Attending the meeting, there were also the representatives from related departments, agencies of the province.

Mr. Le Duy Thanh, member of the Provincial Party Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee works with Mr. Hidefumi Nakashima, Vice-Governor of Akita Prefecture.

After the general introduction of natural conditions, business investment environment of the province, Vice Chairman Le Duy Thanh affirmed that Vinh Phuc always appreciated and carried out many activities to concretize the contents of the friendship cooperation memorandum between Vinh Phuc and Akita signed on 3/16/2015. At present, there are 244 FDI projects in the province, 26 of which are from Japan successfully producing and trading with the registered capital of nearly USD 800 million and making great contribution to the socio-economic development of the province, especially in the budget collection and job placement for workers. Mr. Le Duy Thanh hoped that, in the coming time, especially after Sumitomo Corporation completed the construction of infrastructure of Thang Long Industrial Park in Vinh Phuc province, Akita's leaders would continue to concern, introduce and create favorable conditions for the enterprises to invest in all fields, especially three priority sectors of high technology industry, high technology agriculture and tourism; continue to support and transfer machines and equipments for the mechanization in agricultural production, technology transfer of preservation and processing of agricultural, forestry and fishery products; support seed production using high technology with the high productivity, quality; Assist to train qualified and skilled medical staffs; organize Japanese training courses for staffs; and help Vinh Phuc to organize investment promotion activities to the Japanese market.

Then, some Akita's businesses introduced the generalizations of modern technologies being applied in the production and recycling of agricultural products such as: recycling straw, cob, coffee grounds, rice husks into the decorative objects, firewood, fertilizer, fuel to generate the electricity or gas with the friendly environment. The enterprises of Akita Prefecture suggested the province to pay further attention to create favorable conditions for the construction of factories, especially in the collection of agricultural products to create the useful and friendly environmental products.

On the same day, the delegation visited and surveyed Binh Xuyen industrial park and some enterprises operating in infrastructure construction of industrial parks and hi-tech industry of Japan.

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