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Chairman Nguyen Van Tri works with Korean investors

Monday, 19/06/2017

On 2017/6/15, Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, met and worked with Mr. Cho Bae-Ho, Chairman of the Managing Board of Korea Industrial Complex Co., Ltd (KIC) about the infrastructure construction of Song Lo 2 industrial park, and Business Association of CheongJu City (Chungcheobuk-do, South Korea) led by Mr. Lee Sang Chan, Chairman of the Association to visit and explore investment opportunities.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee and leaders of Korea Industrial Complex Co.,Ltd (KIC) signed a memorandum of understanding.

After studying and visiting some places in Vinh Phuc province planned to invest and build industrial zone, KIC hoped that the province would pay attention to create favorable conditions for their investment in infrastructure construction of Song Lo 2 industrial zone (Song Lo district). If it is approved by the province, KIC will complete the procedures to submit to the Prime Minister for the approval in the third quarter of 2017 after carrying out procedures for renaming this industrial park to Korea-Vinh Phuc industrial zone.

At the meeting, Mr. Cho Bae-Ho said that KIC would pre-pay for compensation and ground clearance, commit to strictly comply with the legal order and procedures of the law of Vietnam and regulations of the province. When completing the infrastructure, the province will call for ancillary investors from Korea and other countries having large investmet capital, high-technology...

Mr. Nguyen Van Tri, Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee worked with CheongJu City's Business Association,.

Chairman Nguyen Van Tri said that up to now, Vinh Phuc has 19 industrial parks approved by the Prime Minister, 11 of which were put into operation, one has the ground handed over so that the investor can build the infrastructure.Vinh Phuc committed to create favorable conditions for KIC to invest in infrastructure construction in Song Lo 2 Industrial Zone; continue to invest in building essential infrastructure to the fence of the industrial park; organize site clearance, hand over land to investors as committed. The Chairman of Vinh Phuc asked KIC to clarify issues relating to rename the industrial zones; the project clearance progress; the establishment of representative office in the province ...

Receiving and working with the Business Association, Mr. Nguyen Van Tri affirmed the good traditional relationship between Vietnam and Korea in general, Vinh Phuc province and Chungcheongbuk-do in particular, especially when the two provinces signed MOU in 2008.

Chairman Nguyen Van Tri introduced the general potentials and advantages of the province; the situation of Korean investors; and incentive mechanisms and policies of the province. He affirmed that Vinh Phuc always welcomed and created favorable conditions for Korean enterprises. Vinh Phuc and KIC signed MOU on infrastructure investment in Song Lo 2 industrial zone. With the motto "Investors in Vinh Phuc are citizens of Vinh Phuc. The richness of enterprises is the development of the province". Therefore, the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Vinh Phuc and KIC will be a good new beginning between the two parties in particular, Vietnam amd South Korea in general in the coming time.

Thanking the warm welcome of the provincial leaders, Mr. Lee Sang Chan, Chairman of CheongJu City Business Association, said that from the advantages of geographic location, preferential policies and companions of the province's leaders in resolving difficulties and obstacles for enterprises, after this visit, many enterprises of CheongJu city would invest in Vinh Phuc province.

At the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Van Tri and leaders of related departments and agencies answered the recommendations of enterprises relating to waste treatment and industrial waste water; electricity and water supply, infrastructure development and the operation of enterprises producing electronic and optical components ...

At the meeting, the provincial People's Committee and KIC signed the memorandum of understanding, committed specific contents which would be implemented in the next time.

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