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The delegation of Akita Prefecture (Japan) worked in Vinh Phuc

Thursday, 29/09/2016

In the afternoon of 9/27/2016, in the framework of the working visit in Vinh Phuc province of Akita delegatese, comrade Le Duy Thanh, member of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee, and leaders of some departments and agencies continued to work with the delegation on some issues in order to specify the cooperation contents under the MOU between Vinh Phuc and Akita.

Vice Chairman Le Duy Thanh spoke at the meeting.

At the meeting, leaders of departments and divisions of the province expressed their desire to expand cooperation relationship with enterprises of Akita Prefecture in particular, and those of Japan in general in the fields of agriculture, industry and tourism. They also recommended that Akita Prefecture would pay attention and send advisory experts to support Vinh Phuc in preserving products, transferring scientific and technical advances, bringing mechanization in agricultural production, solving pollution of industrial environments; supporting the fund for training, raising the level of Japanese language and developing high quality labor for the province.

Related to investment promotion activities, Vinh Phuc province suggested Akita to build a representative for the mutually regular information exchange on policies, mechanisms, introducing Japanese businesses to invest in Vinh Phuc, organizing cultural exchange activities and etc...

On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Kenetsu Saito, Chairman of the Trade Promotion Association, said, “Vinh Phuc has a lot of potentials and advantages to develop industry, tourism and agriculture. Through this visit and on the basis of the comments and recommendations of Vinh Phuc, we will propose our leaders to deploy and implement specific contents of MOU in the coming time.”

Thanking Japanese companies for their important contribution for the socio - economic development of the province, Vice Chairman Le Duy Thanh shared, “In the past time, Vinh Phuc has actively implemented contents of the MOU among the two provinces, however, the results have not been as expected.”

In order to enhance this relationship, he also affirmed that Vinh Phuc is always ready to create favorable conditions for businesses of Akita Prefecture in particular and those of Japan in general to invest in the sectors of industry, tourism and reserve land for investors to test agriculture products.

Based on actual requirements, comrade Le Duy Thanh assigned the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Investment Promotion Agency as representative for the mutual information exchange.

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