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The Provincial Business Association: deploy tasks in the last 6 months of 2016

Friday, 29/07/2016

Recently, the Provincial Business Association has organized a conference on reviewing working results of the first six months of 2016 and deploying tasks in the last 6 months.

Mr. Phan Ba ​​Sang, chairman of the provincial Business Association concluded the conference .

According to the report of the Provincial Business Association, in the first 6 months of 2016, the situation of production and business of enterprises had signs of recovery, new businesses increased in both quantity and registered capital over the same period (45% in quanity and 132% of the registered capital); in the first 6 months, 392 new enterprises were established, 31ones were recovered and returned to production and business activities. Until the end of June in 2016, the province had 6,780 enterprises.

The Association has well done function as the representative organization for businesses; maintained the role as a bridge between businesses and State agencies by increasing contacts, reflecting legitimate aspirations of the business community; commented to gradually improve mechanisms and policies of the State, creating a favorable environment for production and business activities of enterprises. The Association also promoted support activities and advised for enterprises in production and business development; trained to improve the quality of human resources for businesses; organized 6 training classes for startup enterprises and business management to over 200 companies in the province; 6 training classes on propagating and spreading laws for 320 employers.

Moreover, mobilizing companies and members of the Association to actively join charitable activities was also received great attention. The Association issued the decision on establishing charitable fund to gather philanthropists to help people in difficult circumstances.

Although achieving remarkable results, in the process of implementing tasks, the provincial Business Association had still some drawbacks as: The capture of the operation situation of enterprises was not really effective because companies are widely scattered in the whole province; due to the impact of the economic crisis and inflation, enterprises had to face many difficulties, greatly affecting the movement and construction of advanced models.

In the last 6 months of 2016, the provincial Business Association set out some key tasks, in which, focused on implementing solutions to enhance operational efficiency of organizations, agencies; continued to advise the Provincial People’s Committee on measures and supportive policies to remove difficulties for enterprises; performed the function as the bridge between businesses and the provincial authorities, leaders; encouraged enterprises in the province to actively participate in charitable and social activities ...

At the conference, the participants discussed to analyse problems and difficulties in the implementation process of production and business in an enterprise including a number of issues related to the settlement of administrative procedures; sanction forms for late tax payment of enterprises; debts in basis construction ; payment of social insurrance for workers in the enterprises ...

Representatives of the Association received and explained opinions, recommendations of enterprises and will present in writing to send the Provincial People’s Committee and related departments to solve recommendations that are above the jurisdiction of the provincial Business Association.

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