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The delegation of Loughborough vocational College - United Kingdom worked at Vinh Phuc vocational College

Friday, 08/07/2016

In the morning of 07.05.2016, Mrs. Gemma Knott, delegate of British Council, Regional Director of Loughborough Vocational College - United Kingdom, visited, investigated and shared experience with the management board and head of divisions, faculties of Vinh Phuc Vocational College.

After hearing the representatives of Vinh Phuc vocational college reporting the overview of the building and development process, Mrs. Gemma Knott shared some experiences applied by vocational training schools in the UK including the capacity assessment of these schools. This shows that the school completed 100% of the criterias such as: Students at the school have satisfactory accommodation, offers courses for students including vocational training and general education, have advantageous fields as gymnastics, sports, mechanical engineering, information technology; teachers are trained at multiple levels to be able to teach many different subjects, have the tight management methods for the learning process of students. Also at the framework, Mrs Gemma Knott visited students training at the faculty of mechanical automobile repair, refrigeration repair and automation of Vinh Phuc Vocational College.

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