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Efficiency of foreign non-governmental aid

Friday, 22/01/2016

In 2015, there were 25 foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the province carrying out 48 aid ​​projects and programs with a total disbursement value of USD 2.6 million. The projects mainly focused on such areas as environmental protection, rare animal protection, vocational education, humanitarian aid, poverty reduction and community development. Some typical projects implemented in 2015 included the phase II bear rescue center construction project at Tam Dao National Park sponsored by AAF organization (Hong Kong) with a total budget of more than USD 1,5 million; the project on assessing the effectiveness of community intervention in preventing HIV and drug abuse in Vinh Phuc by California University (USA) with nearly USD 136 thousand, the "economic and social integration of women in industrial parks and suburban areas in Vietnam" project of GRET organization (France) with a total capital of USD 123 thousand. In addition, there were also volunteer activities to support poor students, students with disabilities and the disadvantaged in the province from PAMWF organization (South Korea) with a total disbursed value of over USD 66 trillion; and many other programs and projects such organizations as GIBTK, Maryknoll, Global Fund, Clinton Fund (US); GRET; KFHI, World Together (South Korea); ACI, CJ (Spain), etc. Most of the projects were implemented as planned, contributing to improve living conditions for the poor, the disadvantaged and children.

NGO PAMWF granted bikes for pupils having difficulties in life at Tam Dao district.

Many projects had practical results such as the project "Protection of children in difficult circumstances - CDP" of Vietnam - South Korea vocational training center of KFHI organization; Synergies Project - Supporting local organization network to enhance the capability for governments and communities in integrating environment with social development programs" of GRET organization; project "Rehabilitation, teaching Braille and supporting blind children in Vinh Phuc province in school integration" of Maryknoll organization; Project of Bear Rescue Centre Construction in Tam Dao of AAF organization; Project "Improving lives for migrant female workers in Khai Quang ward" of BATIK organization; project "Lap Thach hope Center" of World Together organization, etc. In addition, there were also small and medium projects carried out in short time or having in-kind assistance such as projects for building school, clinics, charity house or donating clothing, eyeglasses, wheelchairs, cattle banks or offering healthcare.

To obtain the above result, the province had actively promoted, called for foreign NGos, international organizations and individuals to join hands to help people and areas in difficulties of the province. In 2009, the province established the NGOs aid promotion center under the Department of Foreign Affairs and the provincial Union of Friendship Organizations, which have played the role as the bridge in developing relationship, mobilizing and coordinating aids with peace organizations, NGOs and individuals abroad. At the same time, Board for NGOs aid mobilization was established to enhance aid mobilization promotion, particularly in priority areas needed for aid calling. The province also promoted the information dissemination, diversified the forms of aid mobilization; approached to potential organizations and donors, targeting large-scale, long-term donors and projects; extended scope of donors, calling for aid from the Embassies, international organizations and business community operating in the province. Thus, the provincial NGOs aid mobilization had been improved and achieved positive results. From 2010 up to now, the province has mobilized more than 270 programs and projects from international organizations, enterprises, foreign NGOs, individuals and Vietnamese community abroad with a total value of over USD 15 million.

However, at present economic- social development growth rate, our province is no longer the priority local of foreign NGOs. Therefore, the annual number of donors is not accountable, the number of projects is few and small; most projects are in-kind aid implemented in only a short time (1-3 years), etc.

To continue attracting and promoting effectively foreign NGOs aid, in 2016, the province will continue focusing on attracting, mobilizing aid for the priority areas such as environmental protection, waste treatment; disaster prevention and climate change adaptation; healthcare, HIV / AIDS prevention; health quality improvement for maternal and children, education and vocational training; rural development; social issues settlement, Agent Orange victims assistance; infrastructure construction, etc. The province will continue maintaining, strengthening the collaborative relationships with the organizations operating in the province, and actively seeking and expanding the partnerships with other potential organizations to attract aid aiming for the economic - social development, poverty reduction and social protection of the localities in the province.

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