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The colours of ASEAN

Thursday, 31/08/2017

With 8 art programs of nearly 90 special selections, attracting the participation of nearly 300 artists, actors from 6 countries in ASEAN and the host country of Vietnam, the ASEAN music, dance and song festival 2017 in Vinh Phuc province on August 20 - 24 left a deep impression on the audience through the performance of the nuance and traditional culture of each country in the Asean united family.

A special performance of the Indonesian delegation in Yen Lac district on 8/22/2017.

Not only bringing the important political significance to further tighten the solidarity, cooperation and friendship among ASEAN countries, the ASEAN music, dance and song festival 2017 was also the place to honor and promote the artistic values of each country and also the place where the artists could meet, exchange their experience, and learn the essence of art. This is also an opportunity to promote Vietnam's artistic culture and cultural heritage with international friends.

Joining the festival, Vietnamese delegations including artists from the Contemporary Art Theater, and Vinh Phuc Dance and Music group brought special performances to the audience and ASEAN friends such as "Echo of the drum beat," "Hoan Kiem Legend", "Halong - World Wonder", "Hello Vietnam" ... Mr. Dao Dang Hoan, Deputy Director of Performing Arts Department, Head of Organizing Committee, shared that through the performances, the delegations of Vietnam brought friends from ASEAN countries a picture of the beautiful country from the North (Ha Giang) to the South (Ca Mau - the last land of the s-shaped land) which has many unique cultural areas recognized by UNESCO as the world heritages, people loving the peace who are friendly and hospitable.

Being impressive and special, it is the common feeling of most audiences when enjoying the performances: the characteristic dancing Apsara, a traditional art dances in the court of Cambodia, which is dubbed as the fairy dance and recognized by UNESCO as the world's intangible cultural heritage; the girls, boys from Laos with the dance moved smoothly, rhythmically with the drum rhythm, wih the free movement, bringing the color of the country; the characterized dance items and melodies showed the multicolored cultural characteristics associated with the living habits, the lives of many residents living on the Indonesia island; the traditional dances expressed the Thailand's aspiration for peace and the message of building a better life among countries in the region as well as internation were reflected in the repertoires of Myanmar, Philippines. ... All of the performances at the festival were carefully, thoroughly prepared in terms of content and form.

With a sweaty face after performing at Yen Lac district on 8/22, Artist Chalinee Klomdee from Thailand delegation said that coming to this festival, we brought the prepared, meticulous, thoughtful repertoires. Throughout each repertoire, you could feel the Thai dance art appreciate the traditional elegance and artistic value and showed the kindness and hospitality of the honestly, skilfully indigenous people. "

Seeing the spectacular performances by the artists from the delegations of Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vinh Phuc Dance and Music Group at Yen Lac district's stadium, Mr.Nguyen Van Cuong (Yen Lac) said that it was a long time that local people had opportunities to see a special cultural, art program carrying rich and diverse contents, national spirit and cultural colors of each country in the region... Having the same feeling, Mr. Nguyen Van Long (Phuc Yen) shared that each performance of the delegation was very impressive expressing the beauty of the homeland, the country, the tradition of solidarity, cooperation between the nations in ASEAN. Throughout each performance, the audience could have a vivid picture of the daily life and work of the people of each country.

Sharing the feeling when participating in the festival, Artist Mark Joy from the Philippines said that they were are delighted to be in the breath of music and culture of their country to this year's festival. Especially when coming to Vinh Phuc - the land of hospitality, they enjoyed a memorable festival with excellent, appropriate and impressive performances.

Bringing the audience an exciting experience on the music scene, and sending the messages to the audience about the birth and development of the Asean community through the traditional melodies of the nations, the ASEAN music dance and song festival 2017 contributed to propagate, raise the awareness and understanding as well as the sense of building a strong, sustainable ASEAN community.

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