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Japanese essence and soul in Vinh Phuc

Thursday, 30/03/2017

Held in Vinh Phuc for the first time, the success of Japanese Cherry blossom display placed a deep impression in people and visitors.

Vietnamese tourists in traditional Japanese costumes are excited to visit and enjoy in Japanese cherry blossom display in Ho Chi Minh Square (Vinh Yen city).

Before the opening ceremony of the cherry blossom display, despite of the drizzle, thousands of people in Vinh Yen city and other localities in the province came to Ho Chi Minh Square to visit and enjoy in the beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms as well as special arts of Japan. Mr. Dao Van Duoc (Binh Dinh commune, Yen Lac district) eagerly shared that this was the first time he had seen the cherry blossom directly. Previously, he just knew it through media and internet. Thus, despite of the rain, he still decided taking his family to see the flower....

This was the first time Vinh Phuc had helded Japanese cherry blossom display. To prepare for the display, in the early of March, the People's Committee of Vinh Yen city assigned functional divisions in cooperation with AIC International Advanced Joint Stock Company (the sponsor of the cherry blossom display) to unify the place of organization, plan of transportation and care of plants and flowers; prepare light system; arrange guides to help people enjoy the flowers... At the same time, the city promoted the propaganda to attract more people to visit.

At the display, there were 20 trees and 5,000 branches of Japanese cherry blossom and typical flowers of Vietnam and Vinh Phuc such as roses, azaleas ... In addition, the display area also introduced about the country, people of Japan and Vinh Phuc province, Vinh Yen city through pictures. In the framework of the opening ceremony, many traditional dance and music performances of Japan were performed. Mr. Le Anh Tan, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Vinh Yen city said that cherry blossom not only symbolizes the beauty, personality, Japanese people but also implies the nobility, humility and patience. Therefore, Japan presented this kind of tree to many other countries as the symbol of peace and friendship. This cherry blossom display was very meaningful during the celebration of the new Spring; this was also the occasion for Vinh Phuc people to see directly Japanese cherry blossom. Along with that, pictures of Japan, Vinh Phuc, Vinh Yen city and typical flowers planted in Vinh Phuc brought a friendly cultural space; then, contributing to further enhance the understanding, belief, respect of culture, emotion between people of Vietnam and Japan.

Comparing with other provinces and cities in the country, the scale of Japanese cherry blossom display in Vinh Phuc was not large, but highly appreciated by people and international friends. Mr. Chikamatsu Hidefumi, Director of Hirota Precision Vietnam company - Vinh Phuc (Khai Quang Industrial Park, Vinh Yen City) said, “I have been working and living in Vietnam for almost 7 years. Every year, I only come home once or twice so I miss my family and hometown so much. Attending this ceremony, I am very happy and impressive by the love and affection of Vietnamese friends for cherry blossom as well as cultural identity, country and people of Japan... I greatly appreciate the layout, exhibition space of the festival. Although the scale iss not large, its space is very harmonious and natural. Vinh Phuc has a large number of Japanese and Japanese businesses. I hope that in the coming time, the province will have more special cultural activities to tighten the friendship of Vietnam and Japan.”

Mr. Le Van Hai from the Provincial Youth Employment Service Center, who studied in Japan, shared, “I had 3 years in Japan so that attending this display reminds me the time in Japan. Although the exhibition space is not large but the arrangement of cherry blossom and typical flowers of Vietnam is very harmonious. The organization is also very good... ".

The program of Japanese cherry blossom display left the beautiful and deep impression in the hearts of visitors. It is hoped that this will be a prerequisite for Vinh Phuc to have more special cultural exchanges in the coming time in order to promote the cooperation and friendship between Vietnam and Japan in general and Vinh Phuc - Japan in particular.

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