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Enterprises are still indifferent to intellectual property

Monday, 25/07/2016

In the context of international economic integration in the current time, the role of intellectual property (IP) becomes more important than ever. However, many enterprises in the province have not concerned about this issue yet. This will be a major obstacle when participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement(TPP) and Vietnam - EU Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA).

Tam Dao Jiaogulan tea products of Tuan Huy Production and Trading Co., Ltd, Hoi Hop Ward (Vinh Yen) were registered the industrial design protection.

The international economic integration creates not only opportunities but also many challenges to Vietnamese enterprises that puts domestic manufacturers standing in the stiff competition with foreign enterprises. Therefore, in order to enhance competitiveness and stand steadily on a expanded playground with strict rules, it can not ignore the intellectual property (IP). Assessing the role of IP in the current economic context, Mr. Tran Nguyen Ly, Head of Specialized Management Division, Department of Science and Technology said, "Intellectual property right (IPR) including elements on brand, geographic instructions, patent, trade secret ... has an indispensable role in the formation of a comprehensive economy and sustainable development. The certificate of Intellectual property right is an evidence to ensure the success of each business to enter the global market". Mr. Ly added that at present consumers were paying much attention to the quality and origin of products . Accordingly, manufacturers should consider to prove that their products are safe and trusted. Therefore, the construction of a protected trademark is very important. This is the quality criteria recognized by the State authorities and a basis for consumers to recognize products of businesses.

It is known in recent years, to raise the awareness of enterprises and manufacturers on intellectual property issues, the Department of Science and Technology has positively propagated, disseminated knowledge and policies on intellectual property law. Currently, although the Department has not organized training courses on intellectual property, information about IP activities is regurlarly updated on the website, posted on specialized magazines, propagated and disseminated through the actual inspection at the unit. On the other hand, the guidance of organizations and individuals to confirm and protect industrial property rights is regularly performed. It is known that from the beginning of the year, the department supported and consulted trademark protection registration for 22 units.

Despite of playing an important role, until now, the registration of intellectual property is not really paid attention by many manufacturers and businesses. The province has nearly 7,000 enterprises registering to establish. However, according to insufficient statistics of the Department of Science and Technology, in the province, there are only about 200 trademarks, industrial designs, and patents registered for protection with more than 30 degrees of protection in the service sector, nearly 100 degrees of protection in the agricultural sector, the rest is industry. Mr. Ly added that at the present, the intellectual property was only cared by FDI enterprises, while DDI ones, small and medium enterprises or individual business households were not interested in intellectual property because they had not realized the role of IP in international economic integration".

Sharing difficulties in the intellectual property, Mr. Ly said that at present the major difficulty was the limited awareness of manufacturers on the role of IP in economic integration. Because the domestic economy was still facing to many difficulties, many enterprises were lack of capital for production and business, the commercial activities in the market were not exalted; enterprises, organizations, individuals and social community were still indifferent to intellectual property in general and the protection of intellectual property rights in particular. On the other hand, the management still revealed shortcomings. Especially, the sharing of information between the Department of Intellectual Property with the local about Intellectual Property asset was no in time and regular. Therefore, the capture and orientation for assets, which were registered for protection helped manufacturers see their possibilities for the development of the property not to be really thorough. In addition, marketing staff of enterprises and management staff of intellectual property in the localities were still limited.

To further strengthen intellectual property activities and help businesses in the province have advantages in international economic integration, in the next time, the Department of Science and Technology will consult the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committee some mechanisms, policies, programs and projects to support the development of intellectual property activities in the province, particularly to support small and medium enterprises to overcome difficulties; deploy some measures to promote intellectual property activities, technical innovation in universities, colleges, vocational secondary schools...; build programs, planning, support the specialization, expense for small and medium enterprises, products of intellectual property protection registration and promote, develop products....

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