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The ambassadors of the friendship

Monday, 11/07/2016

Each of them has their own life, job, passion, and etc. but all of them want to go to the S-shaped land to participate in volunteer activities. By knowledges and experiences, they - the volunteers from South Korea, are considered as ambassadors of the friendship of Vietnam - South Korea.

The Social Welfare Association of Jeju province through PAMWF organization (South Korea) visited and presented gifts to orphans at Lap Thach Hope Center.

PAMWF (Social Welfare Corporate Pyeong Ahn Milal Welfare Foundation) was established in 2006 in Korea. Presenting in Vinh Phuc from October, 2013, PAMWF has operated with the goal of supporting social protection beneficiaries, the disable, children in difficult circumstances ... to help them have better life and integrate into the community with the criterion "We can also do it". From 2013 to now, there are more than 6,500 Vinh Phuc people inherited from projects supported by PAMWF with the total expense of support and disbursement in the province of over USD 120,000. As the plan by the end of 2016, PAMWF will continue projects such as orphan nurture at Hope Center (Lap Thach district) and component projects such as awarding scholarships, supporting equipments and material facilities for schools at poor rural districts of Vinh Phuc ... Expectedly, the disbursed value to the end of 2016 will be about USD 260,000.

Along with direct support activities, PAMWF is also a bridge bringing delegations of Korean volunteers to Vinh Phuc such as: Social Welfare Association of Jeju Province, Korea ; IHC Korean organizations; Volunteer teams including Korean students with humanitarian activities. Up to now, there are 8 delegations from South Korea visiting and donating gifts such as presenting 100 bikes at Minh Quang II Primary School, Tam Dao district; supporting computers, wheelchairs for the disabled; donating educational equipments, outdoor toys at Hope Center; presenting 300 Korean old glasses at Tam Duong district and Tam Dao district. Besides, PAMWF awarded scholarships to many poor students of the Association of Study Encouragement and the Association for the disabled and orphan support; each scholarship valued from VND 300 thousand to one million / month.

Vinh Phuc is on the track of integration and strong development in all fields. The relationship between Vinh Phuc and South Korea is further closer through cultural exchange programs and twinning with Korean provinces. Especially, Vinh Phuc province twinned with Chungcheongbuk-do and signed many cooperation agreements to develop social welfare and initial memorandums on development cooperation. Chungcheongbuk-do carried out practical supports for Vinh Phuc such as donating tillage machine, full harvesters, seeders, grain dryers, ...; organized the cooperation signing ceremony between bee village of Quang Son Commune, Lap Thach district with Chungju bee village of Chungcheongbuk-do; in the economic development co-operation, there are 4 enterprises of Chungcheongbuk-do operating effectively in Vinh Phuc. It is shown that the bilateral friendship between Vietnam - Korea in general and Vinh Phuc - Korean provinces in particular is tighter.

Mr. Khuat Van Khanh, Deputy Director of Vinh Phuc's Department of Foreign Affairs, member of the provincial Steering Committee of non-governmental aid promotion said that over times, the Department of Foreign Affairs has regularly coordinated with non-governmental organizations to remove difficulties and coordinate with relevant agencies to ensure those organizations operating in accordance with the laws of Vietnam. Therefore, in recent years, the aid value of Vinh Phuc has gradually increased. Currently, the average disbursed aid value of the foreign non-governmental organizations operating in the province is about USD 3 million per year. The foreign non-governmental organizations support mainly in the fields of education and training, health, poverty alleviation, agriculture and rural development.

With their passion and specialization, volunteers from the land of Kim Chi have been having certain contributions to the socio - economic development of the province. What they have done bringing the closeness, understanding, sharing and linking the friendship between people of Vietnam and South Korea in general and Vinh Phuc in particular.

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