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Enhancing the capacity for the officials in charge of foreign affairs in the international integration process

Friday, 01/07/2016

Recently, our province has expanded the partnership with many localities of countries around the world; thereby, many individuals, organizations, businesses and overseas Vietnamese have been attracted to invest in the province. Thus, enhancing the capacity for the officials in charge of foreign affairs during the period of international integration is being implemented by relevant levels and agencies of the province, in which, enhancing the capacity for the officials in charge of foreign affairs of the province is specifically focused on.

Mr. Baek Myeong Jin, the official from Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea teaching Korean for the officials of the Foreign Affairs Department.

The Department of Foreign Affairs with 26 officials is the agency which directly involves in foreign affairs. Some officials are good at English, Chinese, Laotian, German and Korean. Many solutions have been implemented by the Department to enhance the capacity in all aspects for the officials in charge of foreign affairs such as: organizing 4-5 training courses / year for the officials in charge of foreign affairs on foreign affairs, foreign non-governmental advocacy and aids, people's diplomacy, ASEAN community and propaganda on seas and islands. At the same time, many officials have also regularly been sent to study abroad for a short-term. There have been 7 officials to study abroad (mainly in India and South Korea) since 2015.

Implementing the Scheme on training foreign affairs, foreign language and translation-interpretation for the local officials in charge of foreign affairs in the period 2016 - 2020, the province regularly sent many officials to participate in those training sessions. To enhance the professional qualification for the officials in charge of foreign affairs of the departments, agencies, districts, city and towns, the province annually organizes 3 training courses for 500 participants on such contents as external policies of the Party and the State in the current situation, diplomatic protocol, international agreement signing, and consular certification and legalization, etc.

Thanks to synchronous implementation of these solutions, the officials in charge of foreign affairs from provincial to local level have gradually raised the qualification and the knowledge on foreign affairs, and promoted the province's foreign affairs accordingly. Particularly, in the first 6 months of 2016, the agencies and units in the province received and worked with 35 delegations with 194 international visitors; held 3 international conferences; and granted new registration investment certificates for 13 FDI projects with a total investment capital of USD 112.3 million. Until now, the province has 217 valid FDI projects. 29 foreign non-governmental projects and programs, mainly on such areas as environment and rare animal protection, vocational education and poverty alleviation, have been implemented with the disbursement value of over USD 1.2 million. There are also some aid resources in kind such as glasses for the elderly, gifts for students in difficult circumstances, screening examination for students having cleft lip and cleft palate, etc.

However, the foreign affairs of the province have still faced many difficulties. Majority of officials are young. Experienced officials in the foreign affairs are in shortage. Especially the officials in charge of foreign affairs graduated from the formal universities majoring in external economy, international cooperation or international law are very rare. The weak foreign language and presentation skill has caused many limitations in professional exchange and discussion. Many officials know foreign language but not been trained professionally. Very few officials are good at both foreign language and foreign affairs. Besides, sectors, levels and localities related to foreign affairs have not had the close coordination yet in both long-term cooperation and in each specific task, thus, the effectiveness of foreign affairs and investment attraction is not high.

To solve difficulties and problems in raising the professional skills for the officials in charge of foreign affairs, in the next time, the province will focus on improving the foreign language skills for the entire officials in charge of foreign affairs. The Department of Foreign Affairs will continue keeping the operation of English club and Korean club. English club established in 2010 with the participation of the staffs from many departments will be held once per month to discuss many useful topics on foreign affairs. For Korean club, Chungcheongbuk official will directly teach 3 classes per a week. In coming time, the Department of Foreign Affairs will consult with the province to receive volunteers from the University of Portland, Oregon, USA to teach English for staffs within 2 to 3 months.

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