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Tet holiday and the feeling of Vinh Phuc people living oversea

Thursday, 03/03/2016

Due to the condition of learning and working oversea, many people of Vinh Phuc couldn't come home to celebrate Lunar New Year with their families but they always remember and have significant activities to preserve the culture of the nation.

Mrs. Doan Thi Loan (38 years old, Hong Chau commune, Yen Lac district) living in South Korea in nearly 20 years said, "Vietnam and Korea are the two countries with many similarities in marriage customs, habits, ancestor worship in the New Year holiday, emotional living so that my life here has no difficulty. Especially, I am lucky to get the love from my husband family".

Although her life now is much better than before, she always remembers to her homeland. In her spare time, she often teaches Vietnamese, introduces the culture of Vietnam to her husband, children and everyone in her family, so that if they have chance to visit her country, they will be able to talk to her family and relatives . Mrs. Loan said, "In Korea, there are many Vietnamese brides, so, on the occasion of Tet holiday, we usually organize meetings, make Vietnamese dishes together in order to remind our children not to forget their root. Looking at the children wearing Ao Dai of Vietnam and Hanbok - traditional costume of Korea, we feel very happy."

After graduating from Hanoi University of Technology, in 2007, Mr. Phan The (born in 1984 at Binh Duong commune, Vinh Tuong District) was invited to work in Japan as an automotive designer. Sharing about the eighth Tet away from home, Mr. The said, "New Year Ceremony with family members is a necessary spiritual food for all of us, especially who live away from homeland geographically and time like me, this is a strong desire. But when Vietnam welcomes Tet holiday, in Japan, the work starts again after a long break."

Although studying and working in a country with a modern civilization, science and technique as Japan, he always remembers the homeland. Mr. The said, "Working in Japan, especially in the field of technical design, it always requires creativity and concentration with serious compliance in the professional working environment. Here, I myself can learn much experience and technique in order to contribute to the construction and development of Vietnam. Currently, I am also planning to seek Japanese investors and businesses intending to expand their branches to Vietnam".

Although being busy for the first year studying the PhD program at Ryazan State Radio Engineering University (the Russian Federation), Mr. Pham Toi (26 years old, Tam Hong commune, Yen Lac district) still spent time with his friends to celebrate the seventh Lunar New Year here. At their place, they do not receive the help of Vietnamese girls so Toi and other Vietnamese students searched the recipes of Chung cake, spring rolls, sticky rice ... on the internet. He shared, "At home, we often sit around the Chung cake pot. But in Russia, we have to cook on the gas stove so we remember the moment when the whole family gathers around the kitchen to cook the Chung cake pot and talk happily”.

After his graduation, Mr. Toi intends to become a lecturer of the Military Technical Academy where Mr. Toi passed with the excellent result and was sent to study master’s and doctorate degree in Russian Federation. Mr. Toi said, "The Government sent us to study abroad, it is not only the pride of us and our family. Thus, we always define that studying is the main task and try to achieve the best results. There are many Vietnamese students winning high prizes in the Olympic exam of Russian Federation, successfully completing courses and graduating with honors. In addition, they also participated in the activities of the Vietnamese Association in the city and helped the children of the Vietnamese people learn Vietnamese in order to contribute to introduce the image of Vietnam to the Russian friends in particular and foreign friends in general".

Although cannot celebrating Tet holiday with their families and friends, Vietnamese people in general and Vinh Phuc ones living oversea in particular are always towards their homeland in order to preserve, introduce and expand the beauty of the tradition of Tet customs.

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