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Vinh Phuc: Strengthening festival management and organization

Friday, 13/03/2015

As the land of long-standing culture, annually Vinh Phuc has over 500 traditional festivals with many typical festivals such as: Hai Luu Buffalo Fighting Festival, Tay Thien, Bac Cung Temple, Keo Song and etc. In spring, there are many traditional festivals attracting the participation of local people and a lot of tourists. In 2015, the operation and management on festivals is being concerned and focused by authorities at all levels in order to improve cultural life and establish civilized lifestyle in the festival.

Yearly from 6th to 15th on Lunar Calendar, Bac Cung temple Festival (also known as Thinh Temple, Hong Tam, Yen Lac district) attracts the crowded participation of local people and outsiders. To ensure the festival to take place solemnly and safely, before Tet holiday, the authorities and people of Tam Hong commune deployed the plan of organizing the festival, program content, security assurance, environmental hygiene and etc. Mr. Nguyen Phuong Nam - Vice Head of organizing committee of the festival said, "Despite of the communal festival, Bac Cung Temple one annually attracts a large number of tourists. Even before the New Year, we has planned and formed the Festival Organizing Committee consisting of four subcommittees: the ritual Subcommittee, festival Subcommittee, Subcommittee on Finance - Logistics and Security Subcommittee, each subcommittee has its own implementation plan. Besides the security force of the commune, the festival was also strengthened the police from Yen Lac Security to ensure the security for tourists. The services of the festivals such as: Babysitting car, food, games and so on were logically arranged and tightly managed by the Organizing Committee. At the festival, thee superstition, divination, burning votive and begging were completely suppressed. Especially, the prevention, explosion-proof was specially focused on, the Organizing Committee arranged dozens of fire extinguishers and fire alarm buttons on the entire monument; and required the visitors just to incense outside, do not incense in the temple and in the restrict area "

Along with the reconstruction and preservation of traditional beauty of the festivals, in recent years, the management and organization of the festival have always been concerned by the authorities and achieved the positive changes. Most festivals in the province properly implement the provisions of the State, the festival's activities increasingly go into order, comply with the process; the festival's content is rich, diverse, practical, consistent with the characteristics of the local, promote the cultural tradition, perform the civilized lifestyle in the places of worship and festivals. However, besides these achievements, the organization of the festival in the province still has some limitations such as: The incense, putting money in the place of worship is not prescribed; the restaurants, services, parking place are not clean; the gambling game remains; the environmental sanitation in the festival is not good.

To continuously promote these achievements, completely overcome limitations, and ensure the success of 2015 festival season, the province has been focusing on direction, management and organization. Accordingly, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will chair, supervise and guide 9 districts to well-implement the regulations in the festivities by functions and tasks; actively coordinate with the provincial media agencies to spread information to people; collaborate with the security force to ensure the security, traffic safety and fire prevention; and strengthen the inspection to timely handle with illegal violations such as theft, gambling, gambling game and etc.

With the drastic at all authorities in the province, I believe that the festival season in 2015 will take place safely, seriously contributing to enrich the cultural and spiritual life of people, create fresh, fun and healthy atmosphere of early days of spring, simultaneously promote the beauty of Vinh Phuc’s traditional culture.

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