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The story about children who have to live far from their parents since their small ages

Wednesday, 16/07/2014

We can commonly see that in the residential areas around Khai Quang Industrial Park, grandmothers keep babies on their hands, finding the shade to avoid the sultry atmosphere of the motel room. Many a-few-month-old babies with the sweaty forehead felt so hot that they did not bother playing on her hand. Anyway, those babies are still very lucky because they can live near their parents, everyday they can wait for their parents to come back from work. There are many children who can live with their mother and father in the rare time of the weekend.

Many parents are worried that they do not have enough time to spend with their children, no conditions to live with their children, especially when their babies are too small. This case happens not only to families of workers but also those of officials working in state organizations.

The busy, difficult life and work are the leading cause of this situation. The workers in industrial parks having strict time, frequent overtime and difficult housing conditions so many couples choose to send their babies to grandparents to take care while they try their best to work in order to help their children settle down. A family with 3 or even 4 people living in a cramped motel room is the common situation of the worker families. If there is no relative living with to take care the children, the workers, of course, have to hire a baby sister or send their babies to private kindergartens. With the total income of s couple of nearly VND 10 million per month, they have to share for many accounts as renting fee, utility bills, living expenses, relatives, friends and etc., so that paying from VND 1,5 to 2 million for renting baby sister is a burden to them. Especially, they are worried about assigning their children to strangers. Working with worries about the kids can lead to the low efficiency or even cause accidents due to the negligence of the production line operators.

Mrs. Hanh, a garment worker in Khai Quang Industrial Park said: “My baby is only one year old but I have to send him in the neighbor’s house. She is keeping two children so I feel very worried because my baby is learning to walk, he is easy to fall if she neglects. When he is ill or has a fever, I feel more worried. I go to work with the anxiety, I can’t concentrate on my job but just waiting to the end of the day to go home. Sometimes I try to call to check my baby's situation while working". If the child is old enough to send to the kindergarten, the workers are still extremely difficult to arrange time to take care for their children because the time off of the kindergartens is earlier than the time off work. So, many people have to send their babies back to their home for their grandparents.

Not too difficult as the above workers, working in offices in not too strict time but many State officials, who do not have their own houses or often work away from home, also send their babies to their homeland. They need time to strive for the job and want their children to have the dedicated care from the grandparents when their time is not enough for their children. An official of the information and communication agency said, "When my baby was breastfed, her grandma took care of her but when she was 2 years old, we had to send her to our homeland. We visited her twice a week. We have to rent house so her grandma felt uncomfortable and she also had to take care my dad. Many nights, I cry because I miss my child and my job is too pressured.”

It is known that in a family father, mother and children should live under the same roof but many families do not have such simple happiness. Suppressing feelings to stay far from their children is the thing parents living in difficult circumstances have to do. But it does not mean that they don’t love or care about their children. Many people said that living with the grandparents, children are often stronger, more independent and even better in eating issues. But a lot of studies have shown that children under 3 years need the "sense of security" from their parents. Only when children regularly live with their parents, they can understand of their parents’ care as holding when they cry or hug them which have great effects. When parents listen and respond to the needs of children, they make children themselves balance their emotions and behavior. It is the sense of security parents bringing is the foundation for the children to grow up, avoid the depression because of the lack of love and care.

Grandparents love their grandchildren most, especially when their grandchildren live far from parents but parents' role is irreplaceable. The parenthood is extremely special and unique. Parents play the fundamental role in bringing the sense of security for the children and educating them. Therefore, fathers, mothers please try to arrange time, work reasonably to spend optimum time for your children and stay right beside them from the first steps in their development.

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