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To preserve and promote the cultural values of Dong Dau archaeological site.

Monday, 07/07/2014

Storing four continuous cultural periods of Phung Nguyen, Dong Dau - Go Mun - Dong Son, Dong Dau archaeological site (in Yen Lac town) is the pride of not only the whole nation in general but also Vinh Phuc people in particular because they are the proof of being homeland of the ancient Vietnamese. As a precious heritage, at present, challenging the time change, Dong Dau has built its own “remedy" to further beautify and promote unique values of the cultural life of ancient people.

In the 7th excavation (in December, 2012) held by the Faculty of History - University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnamese Archaeological Association and Vinh Phuc Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism together conducted in the west of the site with an area of 25 m2 and 2,5 m far from the excavation place in 1999. The excavation obtained 128 stone artifacts, 65 bronze artifacts, 230 bone artifacts, horns and many sophisticate pottery works, reflecting clearly the life of ancient Vietnamese. In particular, this excavation discovered a man’s skeleton in Phung Nguyen cultrual period. It helps to confirm clearly that Dong Dau is not only the residential site but also the burial site of the ancient Vietnamese.

This important discovery not only helps to increase the scientific and archaeological value, but also create the favorable condition for researching and defining our early culture. This skeleton as well as other artifacts are being displayed and preserved in the province’s museum. However, over the last year, the remainder of Dong Dau archaeological site has been left with the overgrown grass and solitary during the time. It is difficult to define the excavated sites and unearthed artifacts because the artifacts were taken away and the unpreserved site makes it wilder and wilder...

According to Prof. Dr. Hoang Xuan Chinh, Chairman of Vietnamese Archaeological Association who chaired three archaeological excavations at Dong Dau said: "So far, there has been no archaeological site as meaningful and especially valuable as Dong Dau archaeological site in our country. Each excavation helped us get closer and know better about our prehistory. Therefore, we really hope that Vinh Phuc and Vietnamese Archaeological Association make more investments in Dong Dau archaeological site, take great measures in managing and protecting the nation’s special site”.

In this context and upon the province’s approval, in the end of 2012, Vinh Phuc Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism established the project of repairing Dong Dau archaeological site with total amount of VND 3,2 billion and invested by Yen Lac People's Committee. The site has so far equipped with one culvert and one fence around the site with the area of 4,2 hectare. The site has also been well-protected and roots of old tree have been cut so that it won’t have bad influence on the cultural value. Additionally, at 7 excavated places in the site, it has been equipped 7 new sign plates which clearly specify the time, the area, the organization and etc of the of excavation. These can provide information in detail about the site for visitors.

Dong Dau is also included many precious mysteries so that the cultural preservation and protection for this site is extremely important. This place is not only the origin of the ancient Vietnamese but also a store of cultural and historical values of guiding people towards the value of Truth – Goodness – Beauty which can leave the unique legacy for next generations. It is greatly desired that Vinh Phuc province, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism and local authorities will pay more attention and settle out of hand in removing some households living, producing there and some existing grave to a new and suitable residence.

Once Dong Dau is received the large-scale protection and methodical repair, it will attract visitors and promote the special cultural characteristics of Vinh phuc.

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