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Improving the market entry index

Thursday, 28/06/2018

Among 10 component indexes of the provincial competitiveness index in 2017 of Vinh Phuc province, the market entry index dropped the deepest, decreasing 23 places, ranking the 58th out of 63 provinces and cities. This was one of the reasons placing Vinh Phuc's PCI at 12/63 localities and did not meet the goal of ranking in the top 10 of the best management quality as planned.

The staffs of the provincial Public Administration Agency instruct enterprises to implement administrative procedures.

The PCI report in 2017, released by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, showed that Vinh Phuc's PCI dropped three places compared to 2016; in which, any indicators in the market entry index of the province did not reach the average rate of the whole country, such as: business registration time was 7 days, higher than the national average of a day; the change time of enterprise registration was 5 days, higher than the national average of 0.5 day; 4% of businesses said that they had to wait for more than 3 months to complete the official procedures before going into operation, higher than the national average of 1%. This was worrying upward trend so that it is necessary to have a synchronous solution to shorten the market entry time of enterprises to under a month as required by Resolution 19 of the Government; 66% of businesses thought that the business registration procedure were publicly listed, increasing over 3% compared to in 2016, but still lower than the national average of 12%; 9% of the businesses was newly registered by new methods (online, public administration center, post office) lower than the national average of 4% ...

The above result reflects the dissatisfaction of the business about some procedures such as business registration, completion of necessary procedures to commence the business; the transparency of business registration procedures; professional knowledge and morale as well as the ability to apply information of the business registration agency ...

According to the Department of Planning and Investment that is assigned by the provincial People's Committee to monitor the market entry index, the main reason for this decrease was the improvement and strong rise of many localities in the country.

In addition, some enterprises did not really understand the sequence, as well as the steps need to be taken to early go in production and business activities, so there are not really objective assessments.

For example: the enterprise reflected that the business registration deadlined to 7 days and the adjustment registration was 5 days, while through the report of the Department of Planning and Investment, the rate of result return on and before the appointment of the business registration agencies (as defined by law is 3 days) was over 98%.

To improve the market entry index to improve the PCI ranking of the province, the Department of Planning and Investment is focusing on advising the provincial People's Committee to strengthen the direction of relevant departments, agencies, localities to promote the propaganda and dissemination widely for the organizations and individuals to have the most basic knowledge about the process that the agencies and units deal with procedures related to people and enterprises.

Reviewing, proposing adjusting or abolishing unnecessary licenses, certificates of business conditions, documents in the spirit of the Government's Resolution 19-2016/NQ-CP. The Department of Planning and Investment strengthens the leadership and directs related departments and committees to implement the measures to improve, shorten the time of business registration and adjust the enterprise registration.

Guiding and creating the favorable conditions for enterprises to quickly carry out the procedures for registration of seal specimens, the announcement of the establishment of enterprises, the intensification of publicity and transparency of administrative procedures related to the enterprise registration; Drastic application of information technology to increase the percentage of enterprises applying for online business registration; improving the level of professionalism, morale of the one-stop door staffs in the contact and settlement of administrative procedures for people, enterprises ...

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