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The good signal from the industrial production

Wednesday, 27/06/2018

In the first 6 months of 2018, despite of the difficulties, the industrial production activities in the province still achieved the good growth, contributing significantly to the achievement of socio-economic targets.

In 2018, the industrial sector of the province faced to some difficulties such as the the special excise tax rate for cars under 2.0 decreased so the structure of consumption of domestic cars changed from the high cylinder line to low cylinder.

Daeduck Vietnam Co.,Ltd operates effectively in the field of electronics, creates stable jobs for hundreds of local workers with the stable income.

Two companies with the big contribution to the province's budget are Toyota and Honda that shifted their business strategy to produce the small cylinder models with low special excise tax rates, thus significantly reducing the special excise taxes, leading the State budget revenue from the foreign invested sector decrease.

However, with the policy on investment attraction of the province "Taking the supportive industry as a breakthrough to develop the key industrial sectors of the province" and implementing the Resolution No. 35 of the Government, the province on regularly organizing dialogues, meetings with businesses to learn and solve difficulties for them, paying attention to the legal support, market information, business strategies, labor training, trade promotion, branding advertisement, accessing information and expanding the markets; reviewing and reducing the administrative procedures simply, easy to access enterprises, especially shortening the handling process, reducing the time for carrying out the procedures, adjusting the investment certificates, increasing the fill rate of the industrial parks completed the infrastructure.

Raising the efficiency of the the provincial Public Administration Agency and public administrative centers of the districts, cities; speeding up the implementation of compensation, land clearance of the industrial parks as: Son Loi, Nam Binh Xuyen, Ba Thien II. ...

With the practical solutions, the participation of all levels, sectors and efforts of the enterprises, the socio-economic situation in the first 6 months of 2018 continued gaining positive changes and achieved the important results in many fields.

The growth rate of the total products in the province increased over 7%. Many industrial enterprises expanded their production scale, added new orders and markets. The industrial production index in the first 6 months increased to over 11% compared to the last same period. The most of industrial products such as cars, motorbikes; electronic components; animal poultry feed; all kinds of clothes, ... increased over the last same period.

In the industrial parks, where concentrates the majority of large enterprises, the business and production situation of enterprises continued maintaining the stability and developing, increasing the value of export and creating more jobs for laborers, actively contributing to the socio-economic development of the province.

Specifically, in the first 6 months of 2018, the industrial parks in the province attracted 24 new FDI projects and 14 investment capital increase times with a total registered capital of over USD 147 million; 6 new DDI projects and a capital increase time with a total registered capital of over VND 215 billion.

Up to now, the number of valid investment projects in the industrial parks is 265 projects, including 50 DDI projects with a total investment capital of over VND 14 trillion and 215 FDI ​​projects wiith nearly USD 3 billion. The turnover of FDI enterprises was estimated at over USD 2 billion, up 19%; the export value reached over USD 1.6 billion, up 25%; contributed nearly VND 960 billion to the State budget, expanding 14% over the same period in 2017.

The revenue from DDI businesses was estimated at nearly VND 5,000 up 10%; the export value reached nearly VND 21 billion, up 31%; contributing over VND 181 billion to the State budget, up 85% over the last same period. Up to now, enterprises in the industrial parks have created jobs for over 84.6 thousand labourers, in which, Vinh Phuc labourers are over 67,700 (accounting for above 80% of the total workers in the industrial parks).

Therefore, to achieve and exceed the socio-economic development targets in 2018, especially in the field of industry and construction, the province will continue to implement solutions on improving the trading - investing environment, enhance the competitiveness; closely monitor the operation of enterprises in the province; encourage enterprises to innovate the technology, improve the quality, reduce the production cost, lower the product's price; implement policies on supporting small and medium enterprises; speed up the implementation of compensation, land clearance of the industrial parks, large projects, key projects; attract DDI and FDI capital. Striving to the end of the year, there will be about 5 DDI projects and 8 FDI projects going into production and business; the capital of FDI projects of about USD 150 million and DDI projects of about VND 500 billion.

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