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Focus on ground clearance of Vinh Phuc Flood and Water Resource Management Project

Friday, 22/06/2018

Vinh Phuc flood and water resource management project has a total implementation capital of USD 220 million, in which, USD 150 million is the loan from the World Bank and USD 70 million of the counterpart fund. The project has three components: flood management; wastewater management; the activities supporting, building and developing the institutions.

Up to now, the project has completed the compensation and land clearance of 37.5 hectares of the rivers: Cau Bon, Tranh, Ba Hanh (Binh Xuyen), the area of Sau Vo implemented the compensation, land clearance of over 35.5 hectares; the category of Dong Minh, Dong Ho dredging area paid the compensation about 11 hectares.

In the coming time, the provincial Board of land clearance and land fund development will combine closely with the Department of Construction, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, the People's Committee of the districts to consider the planning of resettlement; review and supplement the plan on changing the land use purposes in the short-term and long-term according to the plan and schedule of the project implementation.

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