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Creating a breakthrough in DDI capital attraction

Friday, 22/06/2018

According to the report of the provincial Administration Public Agency, in the first 5 months of 2018, the province attracted more than VND 2.790 billion of DDI projects' capital, exceeding VND 290 billion in comparison with the 2018 target. This confirmed that the synchronous, drastic measures in improving the investment environment of the province have been promoting effectively, creating a breakthrough in DDI capital attraction.

Over the last years, the province has issued many preferential policies to attract investment, create favorable conditions for businesses to develop, especially the Action Program of the provincial People's Committee on the implementation of Resolution 35 of the Government on supporting and developing enterprises by 2020; implemented the Government's Resolution No. 19 on improving the business environment and raising the national competitiveness.

Phu Luong Co., ltd, Trung Nhi ward (Phuc Yen) creates jobs for dozens of local workers with good income.

Particularly Resolution No. 01 of the provincial Party Committee on some basic solutions to improve the provincial competitiveness in the period 2016-2020 to improve the investment, business environment, encourage, facilitate to promote the start-up movement, build the trust for businessman ...

With the point of view "the enterprises are rich, Vinh Phuc develops", the province always pays attention to, listens, shares and creates all favorable conditions for all enterprises to develop and compete equally.

At present, the province has 1,055 administrative procedures received to resolve and return the results at the Administration Public Agency. In the period of 2013- 2017, the province newly announced 1,119 administrative procedures, revised 407 administrative procedures, abolished 640 administrative procedures, approved the simplification of 70 administrative procedures under the micro-management of the provincial People's Committee; 30% reduction of time for handling the administrative procedures.

The province directed all levels and sectors to publicize the policies and plans of the sectors and domains on the provincial e-portal, on the website of the provincial departments, the provincial public administration center for enterprises to be easy to access; organized the direct dialogue with businesses; handed over the clean ground for the priority projects to encourage the investment; supported and removed the difficulties for enterprises to access loans from the commercial banks, credit institutions and provincial funds.

Up to now, credit institutions in the province give loans to over 2,500 enterprises with the outstanding loans of over VND 26,800 billion, accounting for over 48% of the total outstanding loans of the economy; making an increase of 6.7% compared to the end of 2017. Building the training network of human resource for enterprises. Promoting the trade promotion, expanding the market ...

In the first 5 months of 2018, the province attracted the additional DDI investment capital of more than VND 2,790 billion, in which, approving the investment policies and issuing new investment certificates for 17 projects; issuing the certificate of capital increase for 10 projects. Until now, the province has 697 valid DDI projects, with a total registered capital of nearly VND 68,500 billion.

However, according to the provincial People's Committee, the infrastructure of many industrial parks in the province has been invested, the quality of infrastructure services was improved, but had not met the requirements of investors yet, the cost of land lease in the industrial parks is quite high compared to the neighboring provinces.

The technical infrastructure in the industrial parks is asynchronous, incomplete; the social infrastructure serving for the laborers has not been invested, has not met the actual demand and development, leading to the hesitation for investors.

The construction of cultural-sports institutions serving for the workers in the industrial parks is still slow, doesn't keep up with the development of industrial parks. The investment promotion activities have not had the deep participation of large enterprises operating effectively in the industrial parks to create "information channels" and the scope of influence on new investors.

To continue to be the destination of enterprises, the province focuses on building the infrastructure of the industrial parks: Ba Thien II, Binh Xuyen, Tam Duong II zone A; completing investment procedures for the construction project of Song Lo 1 industrial park and calling for investment in the development of the industrial parks: Lap Thach 2, Tam Duong 1, Song Lo 2 and concentrating on removing difficulties and obstacles in the compensation, ground clearance.

Assisting enterprises in accessing the production land in industrial parks and clusters, applying a flexible land rent payment schedule in line with the enterprises' demands under regulated.

The management Board of industrial parks regularly collects comments and aspirations of enterprises in IPs to advise the provincial People's Committee to develop mechanisms, policies and plans to remove difficulties and problems as well as solve the requirements of each business timely.

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