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Promoting the cleaner production in industry

Monday, 18/06/2018

The risk of environmental pollution caused by the industrial production now is increasing. Therefore, our province has solutions to strengthen the State management on environmental protection, striving to 2020, the usage of natural resource, fuel and materials in the province will be highly raised. In response to this policy, some enterprises in the province are applying the cleaner production, linking the economic development with the environmental protection.

At present, the existence and development of enterprises in the field of industrial production must ensure the environmental factors, in which, the cleaner production is one of the activities contributing to the environmental protection for any business and the community.

Small and medium enterprises want to access to the State support capital to expand their production, business and environmental protection.

Starting the operation in 2015, 3-5 Vinh Phuc Company Limited, located in Tam Phuc commune (Vinh Tuong), has installed the automatic production line of Block brick, DmCline 10 Concrete with the hydraulic technology and fully automatic vibration, the capacity of 70 million bricks per year, supplying to the markets of the province and Hanoi.

The import of material is mixed with some additives such as stone powder, artificial sand to help businesses save from 4 to 10% of input cost but still ensure the quality of bricks.

The company proactively gives solutions on managing, improving, changing technology process, installing environmentally friendly equipment right from the beginning.

The process of production uses forklift, excavator, automatic vibration hydraulic system and closed-loop operation from the raw material input to the finished product process, reducing the number of bricks, which do not meet the standards and re-reuse for production.

With this process, the business not only saves hundreds of millions dong per year in production costs but also ensures the health of workers.

In fact, some enterprises in the province have actively invested in new and modern production technologies and reformed the operation process towards cleaner production. According to the assessment, the application of cleaner production helps businesses reduce from 3-10% of raw material costs, reduce from 20-30% of water consumption in the production process.

However, the implementation of cleaner production application in the province still faces to certain constraints because most of enterprises have not been aware of the benefits of clean production in the production process yet. Meanwhile, the support funding for the program is limited, the initiative about the investment capital to renew the technology production lines of enterprises is difficult.

To achieve this goal, the Department of Industry and Trade focuses on solving difficulties, speeding up the dissemination and replication of models of application of cleaner production in industry; building a team of qualified and skilled consultants to assist and help enterprises take initiative in selecting and applying effectively the cleaner production formulas.

Organizing training courses to raise the awareness on cleaner production for enterprises in the province; supporting the projects applying the advanced technology into production. Disseminating and educating to raise the awareness on the cleaner production in industry to all levels, sectors, localities, industrial production establishments and population community.

Integrating the cleaner production into strategies and planning for the industry development; strategy and planning for the socio-economic development. Raising the capacity of the State management agencies in charge of cleaner production in industry, contributing to the effective implementation of the law provisions on environmental protection.

Building and developing the cleaner production experts for the consultancy organizations and technical staff on cleaner production for industrial production establishments; supporting to pilot, replicate models applying the cleaner production in industry for industrial production facilities.

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