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The continuous creativity, technical innovation in labor and production

Friday, 15/06/2018

Actively responding to the patriotic emulation movement, with enthusiasm and passion for the profession, Mr. Le Van Hung (1977), a worker of AMYGRES factory, (A My Industrial Joint Stock Company, Thai Hoa - Lien Son - Lien Hoa, Lap Thach district) always does research, studies topics, has many ideas, innovations that have been applied successfully, bringing the efficiency in labor, completing excellently the assigned task.

Mr. Le Van Hung inspects the operation of the automatic brick-and-mortar assembly line system at AMYGRES factory of A My Industry Joint Stock Company

Born and grown in the countryside, Tan Lap (Song Lo), after working for some enterprises in and outside the province, in 2016, Mr. Hung applied a position in AMYGRES factory that manufactures high end tiles.

Having many experiences and knowledge on machinery, Mr. Hung is the service team leader of the factory, in charge of technical, installation, repairing the line system, machinery and equipment, ensuring the stable maintenance and operation.

Only after 2 years, Mr. Hung has had many innovations in installing production lines, equipment, machinery, production operation for the company's factory, saving the time to install, benefiting the factory VND hundreds of millions each year.

Starting from the practical demand in the production process of workers at the company, the main line could not pack in time with a large volume of tiles, leading to the products must be loaded on the rack, out of working hours, the workers had to work overtime 2 hours per day to pack manually to catch up with the orders, increasing the labor costs and causing the pressure on labor intensity.

With valuable experiences and the passion of learning and manufacturing, Mr. Hung successfully researched the subject "canned line 3" and gave the completed planning from the design, manufacturing process to the automatic canned process of tiles with the principle of simple operation, stable features, contributing to reduce over VND 4 million of electricity bill per day, reducing the costs, saving ⅓ of labor, replacing a part of labor force, limiting the product's breakdown, increasing the productivity.

Not only being a worker with a high sense of responsibility and having a lot of creativity and overcoming all difficulties, Mr. Hung also strives to fulfill his professional tasks, obey the Party's guidelines, policies and laws of the State, rules and regulations of the company. Besides, he is hardworking on learning by himself, constantly improves the technical level and encourages his colleagues.

He is one of the typical workers, was awarded the certificate of merit from 2016 to 2018 by the leaders of the company; he is also the outstanding trade unionist awarded Certificate of Merit by the Labor Federation of Lap Thach district.

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