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Tam Duong District: More than VND 20 billion loan for job placement

Friday, 15/06/2018

Determining the job placement is an important task, the Standing Party Committee of Tam Duong district instructed all levels and agencies in the province to coordinate with the provincial Employment Service Center, the provincial Labor Export Center and enterprises to recruit, train and export labor ...

Since the end of 2015, the whole district has solved new jobs for more than 6,500 workers; the job creation through the labor export achieved good results with 200 exported workers per year. The district provided more than VND 20 billion loan for job creation, nearly VND 3.8 billion loan for labor export.

Along with that, the labor training was synchronously implemented from district to the grassroots. The rate of trained workers in the district reached over 54%, exceeding the target set by the district Party Congress.

The loan support and vocational training activities contributed to create jobs, increase income and reduce poverty for people in the district.

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