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The industrial production index increased over 11%

Friday, 15/06/2018

With the improvement of investing environment, the administrative procedures are simple, easy to understand, easy to access businesses ... creating favorable conditions for many industrial production enterprises to expand the production scale, have more orders and new markets... contributing to increase the industrial production index in the first 6 months of 2018 to 11.58% over the same period. In which, the mining industry increased nearly 2.6%; the manufacturing and processing industry up 12% and the fields of production and distribution of the electricity, gas and water up over 14%.

In the coming time, the province shall monitor closely the operation of enterprises in the province to promptly solve difficulties and obstacles, create favorable conditions for enterprises to handle inventories and develop their production; encourage enterprises to innovate the technology, improve the quality, reduce the production cost, lower the product's price; create favorable conditions for the projects granted investment certificates of necessary conditions to early go into the investment, production and business; maintain effectively the hotline operation.

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