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Many students are successfully advised to study in Japan

Thursday, 07/06/2018

Established in 2014, Hikari Educational Co-operation Co., Ltd, Song Hong Nam Dam Vac Urban Area (Vinh Yen) is an enterprise operating in the field of trainee training and counseling the exchange students to Japan.

At present, the company is providing services: General consultancy, guiding to complete the study invitation letter and visa application; arranging the accommodation and book airline tickets; training foreign languages and providing information on scholarship policy.

With professional, enthusiastic consultants, who understand clearly difficulties and advantages that exchange students have to face when studying abroad, in 2017, the company successfully consulted for 70 students to study in Japan; in the first 4 months of 2018, the company successfully consulted for 30 students.

In the coming time, Hikari will continue to develop and expand its operation by establishing many branches and representative offices in Japan and other provinces in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Thai Binh and Hai Duong. ..

The Company also coordinates with schools to organize study abroad seminars in cities, provinces throughout the country, creating conditions for students and parents to meet directly with representatives of schools to shorten the geographical distance as well as minimize the time and costs of searching the information about the environment in when they will study; gradually affirms the position of the quality education training, consultant enterprise in the province.

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