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The person who earns VND tens of billion for the company each year

Thursday, 07/06/2018

Not only completing assigned tasks, Mr. Nguyen Van Son, a worker of Tien Phong Jsc (Binh Xuyen industrial park) is always a pioneer in researching and applying innovation, technical improvement into production. His initiatives helped the company saving tens of billion dong per a year.

With the initiative of "Improving the belt of the glaze stage", Mr. Nguyen Van Son contributed to save VND 16 billion for Prime Tien Phong Joint Stock Company (Binh Xuyen Industrial Park).

At the honor ceremony of the Movement "Youth Creation" in 2017 organized by the Youth Union of the provincial Business Association, Mr. Nguyen Van Son is one of the distinguished individuals honored for the initiative of "Improving the belt of the glaze stage".

Mr. Son said that being a laborer at the company's semi-finished factory, during the work, he noticed that the glazing process on the chain system frequently occured the errors. Overcoming that situation, he improved some glazing processes to reduce the enamel loss. According to the assessment, that solution saved the company more than VND 16 billion per a year.

It is known that the initiative of "Improving the belt of the glaze stage" is just one of many solutions that Mr. Son studied and successfully implemented. Before that, in 2016, his initiative of "Improvement of Vacuum Pipeline Valve on Nano Machine Line" contributed significantly to the reduction of electricity consumption in the production process. In 2018, Mr. Nguyen Van Son continued working with his colleagues to renovate and repair the water cutters to serve the work.

If at work, he is considered as a dynamic, passionate, creative person, in the daily life, he is always trusted, loved by the friends, colleagues.

Commenting about the youth union member Nguyen Van Son, Secretary of Prime Tien Phong Joint Stock Company's Youth Union Nguyen Van Canh said that during 11 years of working at the company, Mr. Nguyen Van Son was always active, enthusiastic with the spirit of progressive, eager to learn, actively cultivating the experience in production. Besides, Mr. Nguyen Van Son was also active in sports, cultural and artistic movements, creating the cohesion among friends and colleagues in the company.

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