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The corporate outstanding loan accounted for nearly 50% of the total outstanding loans of the economy

Friday, 01/06/2018

Implementing the Bank-to-Business connection program, up to now, nearly 2,500 enterprises in the province have borrowed capital with the outstanding loans of over VND 26,850 billion, accounting for over 48% of the total outstanding loans of the economy; up over 6.7% compared to the end of 2017. In which, the source of credit capital mainly focused on the field of business directly in production and business and 5 priority fields, including: agriculture, rural; export; supporting industry; small and medium enterprises and high technology enterprise.

According to the assessment of the provincial State bank, through the Bank-to-Business connection program, many enterprises were able to access to the capital at reasonable interest rates to maintain, restore and expand their production and business scale, have advantage on reducing the production cost, product price and creating the competitiveness, contributing to the economic growth of the province.

To promote the development of the economy, the State Bank of Vietnam, Vinh Phuc branch directs credit institutions in the province to balance their financial ability to apply reasonable interest rates on the basis of the mobilizing interest rates and the risk level of the loan; diversifies banking services to meet the needs of enterprises and the economy, increase the capital access ability of enterprises on the basis of the enterprise support programs of the Government and related ministries, agencies, in accordance with the regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam and the law on monetary and banking activities.

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