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FDI enterprises strive for a safe working environment

Thursday, 31/05/2018

With the theme "Actively prevent and control dangerous and harmful factors at the working place to limit occupational accidents and diseases", the action month on occupational safety and health (OSH) in 2018 received the sympathy and response of enterprises, especially FDI ones.

Founded in 2002 with 100% Korean capital, specializing in manufacturing the garments for export, Shinwon Ebenezer Co., Ltd (Khai Quang IP, Vinh Yen City) especially cares about OSH in the process of production and bussiness. At present, the company has a labor protection Council which is responsible for OSH; there is a Compliance division including 6 officers in charge of propagating and implementing activities, dealing with situations arising in OSH in the production and business.

Workers of Exedy Vietnam Co., Ltd are trained on labor safety to minimize the risk of labor accidents in production.


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hoa, an officer of the Compliance division said that because garment production was impacted by factors as dust, noise, raw materials including cotton fibers, leading to the risks in fire, explosion .Thereby, the company designed the science workshop to ensure the ventilation in summer, warm in winter; arranged the system of blowers, vacuum cleaners, noise reduction, heat reduce to limit the lowest level of factors harming to the health and risk for workers in the process of work.

Staffs in charge of OSH are trained to improve their knowledge regularly; For workers, the company arranges the team traning in the form of annual training and unexpected training. Each training content corresponds to each month of the year is spent to the different divisions, focuses on guiding the use of labor protection for the whole laborer; trains on electric safety, fire prevention and fighting for welding, boiler laborers; training the chemical safety knowledge for the bleach division; popularizing the way of collecting and classifying the garbage for the laborers in the housekeeper room; How to ensure the construction safety and work on high for the equipment maintenance department ...

For the cases such as: Lost of concentration while working or not using the labor protection cause the labor accident, the company will set up the investigation committee about the labor accident to find out the cause, overcome the consequences, at the same time, re-train the knowledge about OSH for the workers or that department ... Thanks to the strict implementation, strict control, in recent years, the company has not have any serious occupational accident and no incidents of fire or explosion.

As a Japanese enterprise located in Quat Luu commune (Binh Xuyen), Nissin Brake Manufacturing Company creates jobs for more than 2,400 local workers. The company not only has good production and business but also strictly implements the OSH regulations. At present, there are 10 staffs in charge of OSH propaganda activities; implementing the periodical inspection with the system of machinery and equipment to prevent the labor accidents; promoting the technical improvement activities on the production safety; Launching, implementing the topic n the labor safety in the month …

To help laborers to know the regulations, the company distributes documents on OSH for 100% laborers and propagates through the bulletin board system. Every year, the company organizes technical improvement contests on labor safety among the production teams; the contents on OSH guarantee are theatricalized in the contest of culture and arts of the company and the contest "Safe, good sanitation worker" organized by the provincial Labor Federation.

Mr. Tran Van Dat, an officer in charge of labor safety of Nissin Brake Manufacturing Company said that the company currently had the "Hiyarihato Activity" model - sharing the risk in the workplace, attracting the participation of the majority of workers. In the course of work, each laborer, if detecting the risks of occupational accidents at his position, should reflect in the comment letter. Thanks to this, the enterprise timely grasped the shortcomings and improved the machine and equipment system, overcame the risk of accidents.

It can be affirmed that the assurance of OSH factors not only helps laborers to stabilize their psychology, but also actively builds up the corporate culture and promotes the sustainable development of enterprises.

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