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DDI capital in industrial zones increased more than 9 times

Thursday, 31/05/2018

According to the report of the plrovincial Management Board of Industrial Zones, in April of 2018, industrial zones of Vinh Phuc attracted 8 new investment projects with the total investment capital of nearly USD 26 million and over 16 billion dong; adjusted to increase the capital for 5 projects with more than 13.5 million dollars and over 80 billion dong.

In the first 4 months of 2018, the province's industrial zones attracted 16 new FDI projects and 9 capital-increasing projects with total registered capital of over USD 84 million, gaining 31% of the year plan; three new DDI projects with nearly 183 billion dong, rising more than nine times about investment capital compared to the same period in 2017.

In the coming time, the provincial Management Board of industrial parks will complete the planning and plans for the construction and development of industrial parks in the province; carry out necessary procedures for the transformation from the Dong Soc Industrial Complex into a Dong Soc Industrial Park; promote the reform of administrative procedures, strengthen solutions to remove difficulties and create favorable conditions for enterprises in the process of investment and production.

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