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TAL Vietnam: Employees are the partners of the business

Wednesday, 30/05/2018

Focusing on building a safe and friendly working environment; ensuring fully policies, regimes as well as creating the best conditions for laborers to raise their incomes, recently, Vietnam Garment Manufacturing Company Limited (TAL Vietnam), Ba Thien II Industrial Park (Binh Xuyen) always strives to make employees become the real partners in the development process.

TAL Vietnam supports 100% of the cost of shift meals for workers.

TAL Vietnam is a member of TAL Apparel Group, headquartered in Hong Kong. Over 70 years of development, TAL Apparel has become a leading group of the world in the field of apparel. With 11 factories located in 6 countries, 26,000 workers and a production capacity of 60 million units per a year, TAL is now the leading supplier of quality clothing for the large retailers with the high-end fashion brands of the world such as: Bubbery, Nordstrom, LL Bean, Brooks Brothers, JC Penney, J Crew ...

VNG Factory (TAL Vietnam) is the second factory of TAL Apparel Group in Vietnam after the first factory in Thai Binh. The factory has a total area of ​​over 80 thousand m2, in which, 29 thousand square meters of production area, 29 thousand square meters of green space, the park with the tankage of 3,000 motorbikes and 100 cars. The total factory capacity is about 4 million products per a year. VNG is the largest and most modern factory of TAL Group and complies with the high quality and sustainable standards in the garment industry.

With the motto that the employees are the business's partners, TAL Vietnam always attaches great importance to the occupational safety, hygiene, fire and explosion prevention and environmental protection. The fire protection system of the factory is modernly designed in accordance with NFPA standard of the United States, including: the automatic fire fighting system, wall fire fighting system and fireproof membrane.

The design of the building according to the standard of green environment protection and was granted LEED GOLD certificate of the United States, ensuring a clean, fresh environment for the workers at work. The company regularly organizes training courses for all staffs, workers on occupational safety, hygiene, fire and explosion prevention; invites the professional staffs of the fire prevention police to conduct the training courses on fire prevention and escaping training periodically twice a year.

The company fully implements regimes for its employees; strictly observes regulations on time and working hour; promotes the emulation movements and human resource development activities through the periodic assessment at the level of work accomplishment to raise the income for workers. The company's medical division with an area of over 200 m2, is fully equipped with the medicine cabinets, medical sterilizers, waiting chairs, single beds for the patients ... to serve health care for laborers.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Buoi, a garment worker, who has been attached to the company since the beginning of its establishment shared that the working environment in the company was very fresh and cool. The company's leaders regularly paid attention to the material and spiritual lives for employees. The meals were closely monitored to ensure the quality, origin of food, variety of menu to provide the adequate nutrition for workers after hard working days. In particular, the company applied the program of rewarding productivity and diligence, thereby helping the workers earn more, secure long-term commitment to the company.

It can be said that with the best care policy for the employees, creating favorable conditions for the employees to feel secure, continously create and dedicate to the business, TAL Vietnam has achieved the important development steps. in the past time. Now the company is exporting more than 2.6 million garments, creating jobs for more than 2,200 employees, with an average income of VND 5.5-6.5 million per a month.

In the next 3 years, TAL Vietnam will continue to expand the scale of factory in Vinh Phuc to more than 100 production lines, striving to produce 16 million products per a year, creating stable jobs for nearly 7 thousands workers. Bringing the factory in Vinh Phuc to become the pioneer factory of the Group on the scale and technology of the garment industry in the region and the world.

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