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The application of cleaner production in the industry: Improving the quality of the environment

Monday, 28/05/2018

To promote the sustainable industrial development associated with the environmental protection, ensure the general development of the province, Vinh Phuc attaches special importance to deploy many strategic solutions, promote technology transfer and apply technical advances, cleaner production (CP), environmentally friendly technology into production.

Daeduck Vietnam Co., Ltd (Ba Thien Industrial Park) invests in modern machinery and equipment, applies the CP process to improve the labor productivity and improve the environment.

In the recent years, Vinh Phuc has become one of high-growth localities with the advantage of key and competitive industrial sectors such as manufacturing automobile and motorbike; ceramic tiles; electronic components; supporting industries; handicrafts and traditional craft villages.

Daeduck Vietnam Co., Ltd (Ba Thien Industrial Park) invests in modern machinery and equipment, applies the CP process to improve the labor productivity and improve the environment.

The industrial production of the province always attains the high growth rate. It is ranked the third place in the North and 7th in the country about the value of the industry production, becoming one of the highlights of industrial development in the North.

Till the end of April, 2018, the total number of valid investment projects in IPs in the province was 254 projects (47 DDI projects with a total investment capital of nearly VND 14 trillion and 207 FDI projects with USD nearly 3 billion).

In which, there are 208 projects in operation. With the policy of improving the clear, convenient investment environment, creating favorable conditions for businesses, after more than 20 years of re-establishment, Vinh Phuc has had 19 IPs approved by the Prime Minister with the scale of 5,540 hectares.

Up to now, there are 11 industrial parks in operation with an area of over 2,300 hectares. The production and business activities of the enterprises in the industrial parks are relatively stable, developing the production scale over the years, contributing to create stable jobs for hundreds of thousands of local laborers and as a key contribution source to the local budget.

However, along with the strong growth rate, the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste water, garbage and hazardous waste from industrial production in the province still can not find the optimal solution.

The industrial production generates many types of waste and in the present context, the production must go along with the environmental protection. Therefore, businesses have to spend a lot of money on waste treatment, especially for the large scale industrial enterprises.

Improving the environment, reducing the overall cost, reducing the waste generation, reducing the waste of natural resources and materials in the production process, minimizing the environmental pollution, lowering the product's price, the cost of environmental protection, the waste disposal costs, enhancing the competitiveness for enterprises ... are the benefits that enterprises have when applying the cleaner production.

Building a cleaner production industry is considered as a strategic step, contributing to enhance the competitiveness, is the foundation for the sustainable development of the province's industry.

Therefore, in recent years, the provincial People's Committee has regularly directed functional departments to strengthen the review and implementation of projects using efficiently and rationally natural resources; carried out well the evaluation of environmental impact on investment projects; attached importance to the inspection and control of industrial parks and clusters in the province.

Thereby, improving the efficiency of using natural resources, raw materials, fuel and materials; reducing the emission and limiting the pollution level; protecting and improving the quality of the environment, human health, ensuring the sustainable development, enhancing the competitiveness and international economic integration.

Up to now, in the province, there is nearly 30% of enterprises and industrial production establishments applying the CP processes and technologies, saves 10-15% of the consumption of energy, raw materials and materials.

In the current trend of international economic integration, especially in the context of material price and input materials for production always have changes, the application of CP process in the industry is very important.

Implementing the demonstration projects to evaluate the CP potentials for enterprises; regularly exchanging experiences and sharing information with the localities having the industrial development strengths in the whole country to find new and environmentally friendly technical solutions.

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